Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One of the best Channel U programme

Hi. I was supposed to be resting today but somehow my itchy fingers led me to this blog again! I came across a very good TV talk show. It is on every Tuesday 9:30pm at Channel U. Please watch. Your whole family will benefit from this program and especially it will help the younger generation to appreciate life more; Me happy with Life and contented.
The show is : Lun Yu by Professor Yu Dan
Professor Yu Dan: A female lecturer who brings ancient philosophers closer to modern people. I was really impressed; "Repay evil with rectitude, repay kindness with kindness --- She continues to explain and explain till I am so amazed.
Yu's book has sold more than 3 million copies in four months, making modern Chinese publishing history and beating out the country's other top seller, the Harry Potter series.

Oh I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to many schools and companies who had invited me for lunch time talks and workshops. Tomorrow it will be a 4 hour staff retreat at Boon Lay Garden primary school. Certainly looking forward to it :D

Today I tried out a new fruit juice: Guava mix with Pear. Try it!!! It has the best taste and its very good for skin!

Updated activities:
For this Saturday exercise class, Safra suddenly allocate me with a smaller room so I have to reduce the class size to 25 people. My assistant Audrey, will call you on this by tomorrow.
I will organise 2 more first timer and Part 2 workshop in January 2008. Following that, I will combine with Singtrain Academy for a certification course for those who wish to have a skill.


Anonymous said...


Yup, chance upon the programme yesterday.(itch hand switching channel every time there is a commerical.) Agree with you,it was very interesting and boy I like the way she present the story.

Good programme,think everyone should watch.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi best best workshop u have. See u soon on Dec class.

Heard so much from my friends who attended.

Keep up ur good work. U know as u climb higher, there will be alot of people or ur compeititors having redeye. I am a business women. SO just to share with u. U must learn to let go. As long as u know what u do is good and can satisfy 80% people can le. No need to satisfy 100% not possible.

Fanny (:O)

Anonymous said...


I am looking forward to your Yoga class. Must be very fun de right. ^^

Btw, my mum always has migrane whenever she worked too hard. After using your essential oils, she got better! she seldom complain that she has headache now. So happy for her health.

And, thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us.
God bless euu~

Jess (Bedok)

Anonymous said...


I am a person with a lot of agne, but after using ur products, my face improved a lot! My friends would ask me which beauty salon i went to, so effective.

Den i said it was Bryan lao shi!! ^_^ They asked me for your products and they are using it right now. The facial steaming lo. Next time go ur workshop must purchase more liao. =)

Swee Khoo

Margaret said...

Hi Bryan

I've been following through this 于丹教授的论语解说节目every Tuesday since it started, indeed a very good and enriching programme, learning the 孔子philoshopy.