Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bryan's Exercise Class - A Success

Hi all. I had a great time with all the teachers at Boon Lay Garden Primary School during their retreat. There was another session at Toa Payoh SAFRA today. I hope those who had joined me in this exercise class, enjoyed it as much as I do. This exercise class combined 5 elements: reflexes acupressure, 5 mood palm reflexes, body balance, dance and movements.
This simple course will also equip you with the basic techniques needed for the voluntary work at the old folks' home.

You will need to attend my workshop (either Part 1 or Part 2) first before you can attend this exercise class. This is to ensure you have the basic knowledge and able to follow through the class easily. After a hard day's work today, I thought I should reward myself to a nice dinner at CENTRAL orchard. However, the food was so-so....
This is my new hair style... hmmm, it is quite nice isn't it? :p

Note: Please remember to perform a skin test first before performing all aromatherapy techniques and natural therapy methods. The skin test can be done after a foot bath, and repeat again the next day.

Bryan 2008 Certification process in junction with SINGTRAIN Academy SDF & WDA Approved

1) Certificate in New Age Therapy for Total Wellness

I really hope to have more people aquiring professional skills to help the less fortunate people. Actually, by doing more good deeds, we will also indirectly enhance our mentor luck(Gui Ren) as well.
Bryan is not any well known figure, so it is not easy not me to get approval from SDF and WDA. I really have to thank Wendy, CEO of Singtrain Academy for being so supportive of Omhealth. With the help from SingTrain Academy, the course fees was greatly reduced to $350 or less. The fees in the market for such certification will cost you around $2000.
We must really thank SINGTRAIN Academy for such generosity.
I will release more details for this certification in 2008.
Meanwhile for those who have yet to attend my Part 1, 2 workshops and exercise classes, do join us.
And for those who have attended before, I will compile and update your particulars in my database.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi you are really talented. Didnt know u are also a part time lasalle student in performance art.

Your workshop seamlessly combines eastern and western art. I feel so good after the class. Your exercise class is so fun. But too short. Next week can it be 2 hours.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, you're looking great as usual!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful health tips. I am sure both girls and guys will benefit too.


Anonymous said...

Just attended first lesson of exercise course, really east meet west. And i didnt know you know so much. Lao shi thank you so much. Is in fact i call it a therapy session in a fun way. I have some headaches before i come but , after doing 5 elements hand reflex i am ok now.
Thank you

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

It was a great & fun experience yesterday with you in the exercise class. Infact, in the evening, I had a slight headache so i practised using the exercise which you taught us to relieve the pain and it really works. I am now trying to recall and note down what you taught us yesterday, scared i forget la! cos nowadays quite forgetful lor!

looking forward to the class next week.

take care

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi after attending part 1 and part 2 and exercise class, i am quite upset no more part 4 5 6 ahahahah wish u have more classes. Is really very good workshop. Your laughter and sincerity touch our heart.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi i have never attended your workshop before.I work in a reputable spa in Singapore and my boss asked me to order full set of oil from you. Being in this line for 10 years i must say your oil has very high quality and fresh. But the price is due low, which may affect the spa business in Singapore, thats what my supervisor says. I suggest if you can increase the price of your oil more. Because how can u sell rose geranium at $45 and discount become less . This spoilt the market.

Just a feedback

Anonymous said...

please let your boss know that Bryan lao shi is helping to get all levels of pple to benefit from wat he has learned. Let him/her know that if he/she wants to make big $$$ then target at those pple who can afford to pay a lot of $$$. Don't ever accused lao shi of spoiling the market, if without Bryan lao shi's help, we poor pple may not get to benefit from all this !!!

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi, u r so popular now until people working in spa line also scare of U. Haha...
Hey guy, please let ur boss know everyone have his/her own way of doing thing. Is not up to her to suggest or tell laoshi to increase his price. Who u tot she is? Market doesn't belong to ur company only as well as other "SPA" business. If ur company business is not good, mean ur company is selling sky high price. Or the skill of the beauticans are NO GOOD.