Thursday, November 8, 2007

Overuse of antibiotic, Tea tree oil to the rescue

Hi all. This is a picture of me doing research on Tea Tree oil in resting in my hotel - Marrs Town House in Brisbane. It was 1997 time flies...10 years already..
5 years ago, I mentioned in one of my newsletters about the problem on overuse of antibiotic. Back in the 80s and 90s, when you have common cold, doctor will prescribe you with antibiotic but this is no longer the case now. Just heard from today's news that Tan Tock Seng hospital mentioned about bacteria becoming more complex partly due to the overuse of antibiotic. Sometimes I feel that home detergent also contains a lot of antibiotics.

Fungus feet is very common for army boys. During my army days, I used to apply Tea Tree oil directly on my fugus feet. It was so effective than normal commercial cream. Sometimes acne will also surfaced. What I did was to dap a bit of Tea Tree oil on the acnes and it will heal very quickly.

TEA TREE although so powerful but yet super gentle to our human system and zero side effects.

Bryan's research on Tea Tree oil 1997 (Brisbane)
Hope my materials here helps. For years, I have been using Lemon oil together with Tea Tree oil and warm water to cleanse my office, home and even toothbrush.

Tea Tree oil was almost forgotten. However, with the increasing problems of antibiotic-resistant organisms, Tea Tree oil was revived once again. The demand for the oil has increased from about 10 tons in the early 1990s to more than 200 tons today. Scientists have identified 80 of the estimated 100 compounds in Tea Tree oil, and a few are unique to the plant. Some of these compounds are active against viruses, bacteria and fungus. Extensive research in the 1960s showed that tea tree was very effective in treating a broad range of infectious conditions, especially against fungal skin conditions, as well as warts, acne and vaginal yeast infections.

Tea Tree oil also contain properties that act as a immune booster. It equips the body to fight off a host of infections. Using Tea Tree oil is particularly effective if the body is already in a weakened condition due to illness, stress or prolonged treatment-involving antibiotics that lead to a reduction of the body's natural resistance

Bryan Lao Shi 10 years research on fresh Tea Tree oil $22 for 12ml> First distilled grade.


Anonymous said...

hi lao shi

great to learn about tea tree oil, can i know how do i use it to get rid of warts? do you sell it in your workshop on 9 nov?

thanks/ jude

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

How to purchase the Tea Tree Oil from u?

Thank you!

Happy Holiday to all!


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi the wantan noodle u recommended was infact the best noodle i ever tasted, now i too can become a cook. My family love it.

Hi all i order my oil thru email to bryan laoshi he will post to you.

Anonymous said...

HI bryan laoshi i think i saw u at Takashimaya cold storage buying beetroot, than u shake ur head when u pick up the beetroot and u did not take.

So i went to take a look, now i know why, the beetroot they sell are rotten. Aiyo COld storage selling rotten beetroot. and they left only 3 piece. Guess u are going to make beetroot juice.

Ahahah u look very young. When are you launching your moisturiser. Would like to try.


Anonymous said...

just attended your part 2 lesson, u never disappoint us. And load us with informations and is practical and effective. I will perform facial steaming now. I love the flora water. And neroli oil, smell very flora sweet


Anonymous said...

HI bryan manage to get the tea tree oil yesterday from the class. Yeah thanks for the introduction, the tea tree smell really fresh and really different from the commercial one. Keep up the good work for always believingin fresh aroma oil.


Anonymous said...

A very good workshop , really feel comfortable and relax. Plus waiting for ur launch of facial cream

Anonymous said...

BEst workshop all singaporean should attend.I will let my company know hope to arrange a retreat for our staff


Anonymous said...

Tried the nerolifacial oil i love it. Smells good, facial skin very fine and nice the next day.

thank you lao shi


Xueli said...

Bryan laoshi

i bought the brush and toothpaste le and using it now. Really true, its not bad. Thank you

Anonymous said...

lao shi i love the neroli facial massage i did it on saturday, face very smooth andsilky. IS a very good natural way to slow down ageing process


Anonymous said...

Benefit a lot fm last Fri workshop. But some of the attendees were quite irritating. Instead of writing the items they ordered in the list and waited for their names to be called they went to Bryan laoshi and said 'I want this and this etc.....'. Its a bit chaos and Bryan laoshi was busying packing items for them. Makes me think I am doing mkting in the mkt.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Laoshi, I attended your programme at Yamaha and till now still using the technique you teach. Very effective and affordable. Thank you. I just got to know from a friend that she attended your workshop on Baby Massage on Sat. She says it was very interesting.

Wonder why you did not tell us about the course?? Is this a private course?