Monday, November 12, 2007

Our health Protector organ --- LUNGS

Hi all. I just had a busy week and also conducted a workshop at a childcare center last week. I will show you the pictures in the next post. More workshops coming up, do stay tune.

I am very happy that many of you benefit from Neroli Facial oil, Facial Serum and facial steaming. Many have also given me positive feedback on the improvement in their backache. Once again, thank you very much for the trust in me. I will continue to explore and share more health and beauty tips with all of you.

All the oils and skin products arrived fresh today. You can place your order now. Bryan's Day and Nite facial cream will be launched officially on Monday. Drop me an email me at if u are new here for my product list.

Lung is the protector of your body, your Lungs are constantly distributing Qi and refined fluids to nourish your skin and stomach energy (your shield’s that protect you from outside influences).
Some basic Lung disharmonies may be:
Chronic heated phlegm [green, yellow, dark in color]
Chronic cough, Spontaneous sweating, Dry throat/nasal passage
Mental and physical fatigue, Low immune, Unresolved sadness/grief
Blood streaked sputum , Dry, flaking skin, Short of breath
Edema of the body and extremities [water retention]
Night sweats, Constipation, Fungal skin problems

Aroma oil for care of your lung : Eucalyptus Radiata with Lavendula Vera for facial steaming once a week.

Here's a delicious recipe which is good for our lungs and beautiful skin. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Lung nourishing soup
杏仁雪梨山药糊   取杏仁10克,雪梨1个,山药、淮山米粉、白糖适量。先将杏仁用开水浸,去衣,洗净;雪梨去皮,洗净,取肉切粒。然后把杏仁、雪梨粒放搅拌机内,搅拌成泥状。用清水适量,把杏仁泥、梨泥、山药、淮山米粉、白糖调成糊状,倒入沸水锅内(沸水约100毫升),不断搅拌,煮熟即可。随量食用。


Genevieve said...

Hi Bryan,

Your recipe is in chinese. HELP! Can you translate into English please? Don't know how to read Chinese le.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Can I ask if you really 'manufactured' the oils yourself? Otherwise, can I ask if its safe to be used? Thanks.


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Pinky, i don't manufacture oil, i research , for example lavendula vera have 280 species i research where to get the best oil. I cannot manufacture oil at home. I teach people what oil to use, and they can get from health shop if they want. I am not multilevel marketing too.

Yes is safe to use.

thanks said...

Bryan lao shi, i have been using aromatherapy for years, want to say your lavendula vera is really good, i think pinky have not listen or attended your class before.... Bryan laoshi will teach u what flower from which country is best, u can get from outside too just learning the botanical name from country.
Bryan lao shi mentioned oil is not for consumption, u should not ask whether his oil is safe to use. U should ask him how to use oil. He spend ages to research and share with us, so must respect his effort ok


sallyneo123 said...

HI bryan lao shi i am ur supporter. Working in NTU and enjoyed your talk. I must say your effort on sharing knowledge with people is selfless. Keep up the good work. My insomnia has improved alot. Enjoy your iweekly and radio programme.

sally (Assoc Prof)

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi dont manufactured oil, He manufactures, Love, compassion, patience and happiness and spread to all . All this not harmful to body.

Laoshi thanks for your workshop on last friday, it was great.... .And ur effort

Seat infrom onurright second lady .

Anonymous said...

Laoshi,attended ur workshop on 9 Nov. Many tkz for being so patience wif me although I kept asking u d some question many times. Hv tried d neroli oil last nite but my skin is very dehydrated so may take some times to see result. Will give my feedback on tis.

Hv bought d toothbrush, very cheap n good. The facial wash from pharmacy is also very good.

Thank you for sharing wif us n helping us to save money.
Regards tl

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

When I ask if you 'manufactured' your oil, I was trying to ask if you buy these oil and resell to us. I believe its consumer's right to know the source or its origin! Its definitely important to know more about the product before buying. I think the others users shouldn't be bothered to answer when the question is posted for u. Thanks.


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Pinky.
Thanks for your feedback. In everything that I do, be it work or daily life, I will do a thorough research first before I commit to it. I totally agreed with u that consumers have every right to know more about the product before they purchase. This is precisely what I do before I share my findings with all of u. I researched, experienced it before I shared. I always tell my workshops' participants not to believe everything that I said. Do your own research, compare with those available in the market and make your own judgement. I am still learning and doing constant reviews on my research to ensure my products & sharings are up todate. U are most welcome to know which country I got my oil from. I researched to see which country produce the best Lavendular Vera, Lemon etc. From there, I will order and import to Singapore.
Hope this answer your concern.

Anonymous said...

Go thru his blog and never at any one time it was mentioned he manufactured oil(read b4 u ask)

However,he did mention many times tat he did many research and shared with us his findings

Nobody is obligated to agree with his findings, u assess yourself ,if in doubt, do your own research in the market and conclude urself..this will give u a piece of mind

we gave our thumbs up to him becos we gave ourself a chance to attend his workshop n test his oil, and proven to many, its safe and many benefitted from his findings..Thats it..its all up to individual


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

During my daughters exam (1 in Sec one and another Sec 4 O level), I put the tissue with a drop of grapefruit pink in their pencil case on the 1st day, they came back and told me must do this everyday for them, cos they feel their mind is very clear during the exam, and I did it everyday.
It doesn't matter what the result will b, but at lease it's help them to think clearly.

Thank you Bryan for the helpful tips.