Thursday, November 22, 2007

A trip to KL ; Lemongrass Oil

Good morning everybody! I will be leaving for KL in a short while. Before I leave, I think I should make an effort to share some information with all of you. Hope you can forgive me for not being able to update my blog or reply to your emails during my absence. Today let me share some information on Lemongrassl. All of us know that lemongrass is commonly used in Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Malay cooking and even as a herbal tea. Lemongrass is also considered by herbalists to have several useful properties, including antibacterial, antifungal, and fever-reducing effects. Due to its antibacterial action, it is also good for skin problems. Lemongrass is also known for its reputation as an insect repellent. I will carry a bottle of Lemongrass oil with me whenever I need to travel to places that are more prone to bugs or insects. Just one or two drops of Lemongrass oil in tissue will help to keep the bugs at bay!
More therapeutic properties of Lemongrass herb:
. Anti-depressant
. Antiseptic
. Revitalizes the body & mind
. Relieves symptoms of jetlag
. Useful for indigestion
. Tones the muscles & tissues
. Relieves muscle pains by making the muscle more supple
. Helps to correct poor circulation
. Helps keep pets free from lice, fleas & ticks


Lemongrass oil can irritate a sensitive skin, so care should be taken. It should be avoided in pregnancy, due to it being a possible skin irritant.

Last but not least, here's a simple refreshing tea for all of you to try out. This spa tea is commonly offered to guests in most spa and massage centre after a relaxing spa/massage. You can prepare this tea yourself and drink it twice a week. Especially good for people who always experienced bloated stomach, cold hand and feet. The flu season never seems to leave us.......Many people are down with flu. This tea is good for prevention of flu. However, it will not be suitable for those who are already down with flu. Continue with your doctor's medication and get well first before trying out this tea. People who are feeling heaty are also not advise to take this tea :D

Lemongrass & Ginger Spa tea :

- Lemongrass herbs 50 cents

- Ginger herbs 30 cents

- Brown sugar

Smash up the lemongrass and ginger before putting them into boiling water. Boil until you can smell the lemongrass. Off fire and add brown sugar to taste.

Hmmmm....something just tickle my mind and that sent me on a research trip once again! Hahahahaaa....Well, have you ever wonder why some towels turn mouldy easily? I am now doing my research to see which is the best towel that does not turn mouldy. Another way to save money!!! hahahahaa :D

I will not be able to reply your emails while I am away but you can still continue to email me any questions or orders to during my absence. I will reply all your emails once I am back. Meanwhile, remember to stay positive always. May all of you have a nice weekend. God bless :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Put all unhappiness behind you. Go for a relax, safe and fruitful trip to KL.

Waiting for cheerful Bryan to give us more wonderful workshops.

Jia You, Bryan!!!


Janice said...

Dear Sisters (I presume all of us here are females). Which businessmen work so hard and didn't want to make money? Money is the push for hard work, however, the person must also be sincere, honest and transparent in his trade (ie what he sells). I have only been to 2 of Bryan's workshop and found him to be sincere, learned and ever ready to race forward. If you trust him and his products, you should not be worrying how much he made from the products. He has the right to make money from there. Well, we also cannot follow blindly, ask what is suitable for you and buy whatever you need to use. Failing which results in regrets, blames and hatred. If Bryan did not make money from his trade, how do you expect him to survive? Thus if his products benefit you, buy more. If not, don't buy. If you don't have much money, buy less. But don't blame, ok. Thanks and all the best to all.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice

i think u had mistaken, all the sisters here support Bryan Laoshi all the way, its only that Anonymous from one of the previous post that said put all those unnecessary blames on Bryan Laoshi, not us


Anonymous said...

Janice sister , i agreed. Bryan lao shi effort and is well like by many people in Singapore and overseas especially. Bryan you are a great man, i think dont stop research, continue to share with us. Your workshop is worldclass. I attended your seminar in Sentosa retreat, u bring motivation and body wellness to our company . Remember group of managers from Fuji Xerox. And i mean even my CEO enjoyed.

Enjoy your trip, you have worked too hard. U deserve a good rest.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao si, u away awhile and all people support u. U really have many protector , see you are so blessed. u know why? Because u are compassionate and share with people. You often give and give and give. And without asking for returns. I was suffering from dirvoce that time as my husband unfaithful to me. Attended ur workshop and your aroma method helps me to pull through, u even talk to me and i cry and cry. Ur words inspire me. Thank you so much.

god bless u bryan lao shi

Miss c.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao Si

Recently,I tune in to Love 97.2 and listen to your talk about flora water. To bad, did not able to finish cos have to attend an important meeting.

I very interested. Can you advise me where to get and how much?