Monday, December 3, 2007

i weekly -- Sore throat

Hi folks. I would like to make some clarification for my article in this week i-weekly. This week's article indicates using 5-10 drops of Lavendular Vera with water to gargle for sore throat. Do take note that the amount of water was not specified in the article. Actually, 1 drop of Lavendular Vera to 1.5 cup of water is good enough. But again, I suggest to perform this method in the presence of a therapist. This is a knowledge sharing guideline). Pregnant women don't do ok.

Oh by the way, my work will be featured in Wan Bao this Friday.
Touch therapy for cough and sore throat.
1) Add Lavendula Vera Oil (2 drops) with Lemon Oil (2 drops), to a small basin of warm water. (Do not use boiling water) .
2) Immerse both hands into the warm water for around 5 to 10 minutes. At the same time, enjoy the fragrance of the essential oils as you allow your hands to absorb their healing properties.
3) Dry your hands on a towel. While your palms are still warm, wrap them around your neck (as shown in the illustration) for around 5 minutes. Do this while lying down on the bed.
The wind is very dry for the past few days. Many may get sore throat and common cold easily. Drink honey water with a small squeeze of lemon juice to prevent sore throat. The best sweet to prevent sore throat is Ricola original herbal sweet. Don't buy the sugar free one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bryan Lao Shi. Your sharing comes timely for me. :D

Anonymous said...

Lao shi i read the previous post, there is one guy who work in spa mention your oil is very good quality and shouldnt sell at low price. You see , you start to have spa company "red eye" on you soon.

We are your supporters, keep up the good work. Dont bother what others comments, as long as you know you are powerful and compassionate.

Thanks so much for picking up my call at 11pm and patiently answer my questions.

Fang Fang