Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mango Pudding for beauty

Hi all. Today let me share my favourite homemade mango pudding with you. I made some yesterday. Hhmmmm...its yummy yummy :D Hahahaa....Well, we need to take care of our health and skin especially during this dry wind weather.

I seldom like mango pudding with milk because I am allergic to milk and I don't like the smell of condense milk. Therefore, I have replaced condense milk with soya bean milk.

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Mango: Improve intestinal movements, prevent constipation, beautify and nourish skin.

Ingredients: 1 ripe mango, 120ml cold soya bean milk, 600ml water, 3 tablespoon pudding powder (agar agar powder) , 120 grams sugar
1. Remove mango skin. Slice into pieces and mash it.

2. In a separate pot, add in pudding powder and water (600ml) and small fire till the puding powder dissolves.

3. Add in mashed mango and turn off fire.

4. Put the mixture into a bowl or any moulded containers. Cool and put into fridge.

5. Add soyabean milk to it.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi , love ur blog, your workshops and positive thinking and team building class, which u conducted at CPF board last year. Very inspiring. Hope to hear from you more at our company.

I have usedyour skin vita serum for a year, everyone says my skin better. Thanks foryour advice.

I will be emailing to the CPF comitte team hope u can come and conduct an exercise class.

S . muran

Carol Low said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

A compliment to you. I have been sharing your serum with my teen-age son and daughter, and I realized there a great improvement in them, even their friends noticed it.

Thanks for all your sharing.


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi

u mean add the soyabean milk to the puddiing after it cool and before putting it in fridge?


Anonymous said...

The mango pudding looks yummy, and doesn't look too difficult to make. How long should we put it in the fridge?


Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi, listened to your programm on radio 972 wow , you really cool. Endless number of receipes and methods for health improvements.

I would like to attend your all time favourite workshop , have registered already hope u can reply soon. Is the 11th Jan one.

rose ang

Anonymous said...

hi bryan laoshi

Will you be posting the homemade lip balm receipe on your blog. Cos miss listening to FM97.2 yesterday due to work.


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi anonymous,
U can add the soya bean milk when u want to eat your pudding.

Sam: U can 'agar agar' the appearance of your pudding. Once solidify, u can dig in ;D But some may prefer it cold so maybe at least 2-3 hrs in the fridge for it to become cold. It all depends on the size of your pudding. Smaller ones solidify and turn cold faster.
Cheers & enjoy!

*Bryan Gan* said...

I think maybe at least 3 hrs in the fridge ;p Hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

bryan i heard you on radio yesterday, it was very good. Can u provide us the homemade lipbalm receipe here.

I love ur class part 1, attended on 7 july , can i come again?

shui fong

Anonymous said...

i wonder you can conduct this team building class for 25 people. I hope u can.

I am arranging with my HR for this.

Anonymous said...

I have been using this anti age serum for 2 months. Totally improve my skin tone. I used to have allergy skin and cannot use many products in the market. Thanks for introducing me this serum. Hope u can launch your moisturiser fast.

guo liang