Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cheap Quality Items save u $$$$

Hi everyone. I have been so busy lately and its been a month since I went for my Muay Thai lesson. So today I decided to take some time off for my Muay Thai lesson. Oh nooo...practice really makes perfect...its been a month since I practised and I didn't manage to kick high enough today!!! Hmm...I must make it a point to practise more often.

On my way home, a lady called and thanked me for introducing cheap good toothbrush and toothpaste, which help them to save $40 a month. That's really good news :)
However she told me the price for the toothbrush had increased from $2.50 to $3 so I called up the company and questioned them. Finally the person-in-charge told me the toothbrush is still priced at $2.50 at NTUC. Hahahahaha. Me big KEPO right?
I will share more good things during my workshop this Friday :p

Bryan Cheap and Quality Items (Summarise)
A. Systema toothbrush and toothpaste
B. Summer eye Gel (Best eye Gel from cosmopolitian clinic) 63273773
C. Best DIY wantan Mee (BK brand from NTUC)

Best Food in Old Airport Road hawker
1. Unit 01-125 Yong Tau Hu (good quality soup base no MSG)
2. Unit 01-127 Best Popiah. Cheap and fresh $1.20. As compared to many popiah stalls which are selling about $2 plus.

Calling out to foodcourt vendors, you can increase the price but please do not reduce the portion anymore. Please have some business ethnics. Even if you do not have good quality dishes, a good quality rice does make a difference.


Anonymous said...

hi bryan laoshi,

today your posting very different..so interesting n fun to read..u make me laugh..
u are rally cute! anyway,thank you n pls continue to help us save $$$$.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi , ur blog is cool, simple english, and also so many useful information. Yeah agree many foodcourt reduce their portion.

Oh your moisturiser is here i am waiting till neck long long

guo li

Anonymous said...

agree with you totally.
i also gotta 'gotok' a plate of duck rice for $5 in a foodcourt.

Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi,
the toothbrush is selling at S$3 at guardian.

Anonymous said...

YEah but bryan lao shi mention ntuc is $2.5 i went buy 4 le, is really good toothbrush . Oh gosh. SAVE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Anonymous said...


tis post really said all for many of us!!!! everything price increase, portion reduced, yet salary still the same..


miao said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Can put up the conversion table for the chinese medicine measurement.

Take care,