Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bath in flower water for destress and happiness

Helloo. Its only one day to eve of Chinese New Year! Bet most of you have already start to eat your Ba Kwa and all the CNY goodies!! Hahahahaaa...but do control control...control....control your intake and do not drink too much cooling herbal tea. If you are weak heatiness, too much herbal tea will worsen your conditions and cause bad breath as well. So take note :)

According to our chinese traditions, these 2 days is the time to bath in flower water for good luck and wash away the whole year of unhappiness. My family followed this practice too. Although we are living in this new age world, I still strongly feel that certain Chinese traditions need to be followed so that our next generation will better appreciate and value the Lunar New Year.

Giving ourselves an aroma flower bath is also a kind of positive thinking process and telling ourselves "New year good fresh start". No religious element in it. Spa also using flower petals right? :D

On the eve of Lunar New Year, bath with 7 color flowers(EXCEPT WHITE COLOR) with 7 palmelo leaves. If you are unable to find the 7 colors flowers or do not have the time like me, simple use 5 elements oil. Add 1 drop in water and rinse your body.


Anonymous said...

i love ur blog, is one of the most updated and best blogi ever seen.

Thank you.

mei yi

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

A big thank you to you for all your sharings & guidances to a healthy and beauty me.
Wish you and family

***A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year***

And God Bless you with Good Health :)

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi,

What's weak heatiness?


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Genevieve.
Weak heatiness is Xu Re.

Jas said...

Bryan LaoShi,





Anonymous said...

lao shi u are so funny in radio, all sortof funny tips.

i love the ricebran oil , mix with body lotion, very nourishing thanks


li yi said...

Dear Bryan lao shi,

I hope you can advise me on this. how do i tell weak heatiness from re qi? What are foods and drinks to take and what most to avoid? Please advise as since i return from trip my health is not as good...

happy new year to you bryan,

-li yi

Anonymous said...

happy new year