Saturday, February 9, 2008

Simple light meal for those who over ate

Halooo all! How was your lunar new year? I bet most of you have over ate. Well, today I shall introduce a soup recipe that will help nourish your body and improve skin texture.

This soup is nourishing, not heaty, beautify skin and improve your hair texture too!
Ingredients for 1 person portion: 1 mushroom, half carrot (slice), 20 gram black fungus, Bai Cai (2 leaves only), 1 table spoon Gou Qi Zi.
Method: Immerse black fungus in water till soft. Put all ingredients in a corningware with 1 litre of water. 2 mins of big fire and 20 mins of small fire. You can add water when the water become lesser.

It becomes a simple, light and yummy meal when accompanied with a bowl of rice and cut chillies. Yum Yumm....I enjoyed simple and light meals like this. Its delicious and easy to cook.
Folks, thank you so much for all your good wishes. I receieved a number of new year cards and flowers. Me so touched...Thank you very much...
I am also very happy to recieve so many positive feedbacks on my collagen night cream and day cream.. Thank you.
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Anonymous said...

Happy CNY bryan lao shi,

just want to share with you, I love the collagen moisturiser. Is not oily, and even my sensitive skin can take the cream. Thank you.

Wonder when you will conduct part one class again. Hope to attend.


Anonymous said...

have been using the flora water, is refreshing and calming. Do conduct some workshops on weekends. It will benefits alot too.

Thanks for your effort in maintaining this informative blog.


Anonymous said...

hey bryan, the fu dai bring my family alot of happiness. Andthe mystic knot really reduce my temper. Hope it will last...


Anonymous said...

I love the collagen moisturiser, i am a christian so dont really belief ur verygoodluck blog. But is a nice blog ahahaa

Keep up the good work. And God Bless u.