Sunday, February 3, 2008

Health acupressure point A

Pressing acupressure daily is my way of maintaining good health. Those who have attended my 5 elements exercise classes or workshops will be able to pick up a few tips which I have personally tested and find it useful. I really hope you will put these tips to good use.
One of my favourite point to press at night before sleep is San Ca Jiao(三陰交).
This point helps sleeping patterns, anger, anxiety, tummy, insomnia, poor appetite, slimming, cold hand and cold feet etc.

I will use this acupressure stick to press the point for about 3 minutes on each leg.
Stomach and insomnia problem will be common in the Rat year. This is a good point to press. My art director has went to Japan, so I have to take picture of my own leg...hhaahahhaa dont laugh.
Its 11pm now. Feeling quite tired but still have emails to clear. Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.
Chinese version:
寻找方法:  取穴时,患者迎正坐或仰卧。三阴交穴位于小腿内侧,足内踝上缘三指宽,在踝尖正上方胫骨边缘凹陷中。
  主治症状:  三阴交穴的主治症状为:生理痛、脚底肿胀、过胖过瘦(增肥减肥)、生理不顺、手脚冰冷、冷感症,更年期障碍、妇科多种疾病。此外,对胃酸、食欲不振,也有效。该穴为人体足太阴脾经上的重要穴道之一


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi!! The Systema up price lerhhs! $3.10 now at cold storage. I should have bought earlier!

I used to use Aquafresh de toothbrush de, $6++ but wanna try Systema, coz you say good ma. AND! It is really very good to brush, very soft. =)


Thanks for the recommendation!

Hope you recommend more of these cheap and good to use de thing! XD

Oh, btw, your essential oils has helped my auntie with her sinus problem. She use to have sinus every morning, but now, it is improving. About 3 - 4 days den will have sinus. Thanks a lot too!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

systema should thank you and many other products. But instead they increase price once u intro. Systema was $2.5 ahaha but under promotion. Chinatown certain area sell at 2.5. So take note all, ntuc sometimes not the cheapest.

But bryan lao shi this is a good toothbrush it help my family to save $50 plus a month.

Thanks. I love the fu dai i just receive andthe hulu.

selena ong

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi,

Understand that Lemongras oil could bring down kids fever. Could you pls advise direction of use.


ajk said...

hi bryan,

how to find the point to press the leg??

is it like 4 fingers from the ankle?

and recently, i realised that my back there, just below the neck, left side, got a part very "suan", if sit too long or stand too long. i use the medicated oil to rub liao but still pain leh.

so use which oil ah?

please be so kind to advise.

huat ah

Anonymous said...

Hi Huat ah, i attended bryan lao shi class, and use the 3 oil method. Lavendula peppermint and petitgrain mix with body lotion to apply on neck shoulder. My upper back has recovered alot.

the point is four finger true.

Lemongrass bring down fever bryan lao shi mentioned in radio before , must see doctor. Just mix lemongrass one drop and lavendula and eucalyptus one drop is tissue and put beside the child bed. not direct contact

men hui

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
I will email to you my order of anti-age serum and collagen cream but could u kindly tell me how do i go about using the items.Whether i can use both day and night. Also sori forgot to ask which color clay suitable for my age.
Thank You.


bryanlaoshi said...

hi janice email me i will reply thru there because will attached notes


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
May I know where to buy the acupressure stick?