Monday, February 11, 2008

Bryan Exercise Class : Fun Fun Fun

Those who have registered for this saturday exercise class, do remember to come k. Time to work out already. I promise you will have a very fun & enjoyable session. Channel News Asia may come to take picture for 5 mins.
The venue is at Toa Payoh safra, kim keat room at 2pm.

Things to bring: A face towel, casual wear, your heart and get ready to learn and have fun.

Focus of this exercise class: Targets depression, how TCM food contributes to your skin and body wellness, slimming, body pain, nicer figure, Full body blood circulation, stretches for a nicer body. A lot of actions in the class!

NB:Hi in future, if you have sign up and paid for the class but unable to attend, I may not able to refund the fees because the venue has been booked. Moreover, I will call each and every participant to confirm attendance. This involved a lot of work...administrative work and calling.. I believe classes/courses conducted in the market also do not refund.. We have to help each other otherwise I will start to have more people who registered already but have to cancel last minute. Of course, I will understand if you have a valid reason :) My certification classes are coming up soon. I wont be able to do a refund once payment is made becos it involves other certification body ah.... Dont be angry okie....CHeers:>


Anonymous said...

dear bryan,

so far, the wen chang pen and fu dai dun really work leh

nothing much happen

sigh - i hope something good will happen ..

ex: increment, promotion, good results for study

anyway, i will continue to have faith

xie xie!

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi, , dont mistaken the items is to bring immediate promotion and things like that, is about balance and open up opportunities to have a better prospect.

A person need to work hard too, and once the time strike it flows.
Anonymous sorry to give u the thinking that once having lucky items u will prospoerous immediately.

Fu dai balance and harmonise the 5 element.

Cheers. said...

anonymous may be u mistaken bryan lao shi.

Bryan lao shi, u should have posted what u taught in the class and put in u-tube so people understand.

I tape recorded for u, may be u need it, email me:

Feb 08 Bryan lao shi speech.<<
: "We are human and we have up and down, carrying any powerful charm and fengshui items is to inspire u to think positively, it doesnt mean if i have the most powerful items on earth, you can rise high, sorry to say that this become supertitious, all my items are design to balance your 5 lements, to think positive to reduce the negatives thought, you still need to work hard to achieve " Fengshui is not about good luck is about respect loving kindness and balance...>>>

thats what i recorded bryan lao shi, hey anonymous hope u are clearer

darren said...

Bryan lao shi, browse ur new blog and item list, may be you should but in a disclaimer sentence.

What u have design is the verygoodluck blog i view it as an art. My child love the fu dai, smells good. I dont know about having lottery or things like that, but i am from taiwan, is a practice we get fu dai once a year for family, and i am happy you design one.

Keep up the good work. And yeah anonymous, go temple. From your message it looks like alot sadness and disappoinment. said...

Now i know why bryan lao shi, do not want to see fengshui for me even i have "beg" you ahhaha. Lao shi, i have spent alot on lucky items from outside crystal shop for romance, is hundred of dollars, not like your items $18 , $38. No offence. Still now i am single, ahahha. But i got your $18 fu dai, i feel calmness and after attending your class i feel that being happy is most important. I dont care about valentine day . And i quote your word " God will arrange one person for everyone" I am a female at the age of 41 still single. I tears during festive but not anymore. And the book u recommend us to read is inspiring.

Anonymous, view bryan lao shi as someone that open up our thoughts, do not view him as a magician and do wonders for us. Like what sally says, we are all humans. We should be lucky to know bryan lao shi and thank him for all the tips he taught on health, beauty and life.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi i am ur student for fengshui class,
Anonymous try this affirmation with fudai morning:

"I am in the process of achieving better luck and happier life now"

Your dun really work, as put in alot of negative thoughts in it.


pei lin

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi i strike 1st prize 4319 Jan 08 after putting the fu dai. I can scan the ticket stub so that people belief. Cheers.

thank you, i think u going to scold me because u say dont use ur items for 4d.

R. T.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, what a blog, just have my five cent worth of contribution.

Nice blog and information. Tried the neck shoulder technique for pain. It works.

Keep it up. Attended your class last year on part 1 . Best.

Hope u can conduct part 2 soon.


Bee Bee said...

No pain, no gain in life. Sometimes the things we looked forward to/for, can only 'happen' through hard work by ourselves (eg. promotion, increment, good study grades).

Of course 'miracles' do happens lah but it can't be everyday and everytime. If not, then (God) must be very busy having to satisfy every single souls in this earth. Sorry, no offence on any religion beliefs. Just that $ is not the only satisfaction in life that a person must hope for.

Anonymous said...

Today first day of work, i think would be polite to say Happy new year lao shi. Is great to know you and your blog. I faithfully follows the exercise u taught. Tummy is flatter now.


Anonymous said...

well said Miss BEE, i attended bryan lao shi fengshui class, is more on philosphy and chinese tradition. :> i love it.

He recommended us a book by Louis L. Hay on positive thinking and Love.

It change my life .


Anonymous said...

hi bryan and fellow people,

thanks for replying to my posts..

no lah, sometimes when a person is down, hope got something good happen, i decided to invest my $66 (cos i dun earn alot) to some "chance" ..

but i no regret lah ..

i quarrel with my boyfren on first day of cny, heard that is v bad, will continue to quarrel for the year.

so afraid.

bryan - happy lunar new year .

all of us "huat" ah
cos my job now no bonus one since i am on contract term so very sian, see people december/jan take bonus, i dun have.

want to job hop - but cannot find.

send lots of resume.

but i will continue to jiayou

Anonymous said...

any mORE fengshui cLass coming up..i am wAiting..i miss the 2 classes..i really wAnt to attend..BRYAN LAOSHI how, will u consider having one more..



Anonymous said...

cant wait

Mommy Mash said...

bryan lao shi, i missed signing up ya lesson due to my bb unwell.

can u update when is ya nx lesson? i just saw that ya lesson oso tackle depression which is definitely helpful to me.

looking forward to ya nx lesson!