Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hand reflexology Courses

Our palms are the meeting point of energies. When perform hand reflexes correctly, we are able to send energy to various organs. And that is why learning hand reflexology is the key towards good health.
Of course in today exercise class, you will learn some simple acupressure reflexology.
Interested to know more and get a certificate in reflexology and a Diploma at a later stage?
Well, I am still in the mist of discussing with Singtrain Academy. This course will be out soon in March/April. Only minimum number of student will be enrolled .
Stay tune for the date. Many have emailed me to conduct Part One class again. Okie no problem. I am also arranging my schedule for that. Will let you all know fast :D
This Saturday cicil service club


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan laoshi
May I know where to buy aloe vera gel? Anyone else who knows, do share, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

GNC got. Bryan lao shi mentioned b4 no need to buy too exp. buy the $9 one can already. but now with GST increase, the price shd have also increase.


Jill said...

Hi Bryan laoshi

My foot have been very dry and sweat easily. Any moisturiser or places to help?

*Bryan Gan* said...

If your foot sweat easily there are morethan one reason. Normally i will check if i have cold and or cold feet too.

But you can try these, 50ml vaseline scentless body lotion, 3 drop tea tree and 3 drop lavendula vera and a teaspoon ricebran oil(optional) mix well.
Keep in a bottle. Everynite before sleep apply the mixture abit and massage the foot and wear socks to sleep (buy the bodyshop footcare sock)

Anonymous said...

Laoshi, this exercise class conducted yesterday was the best class i ever attended. Thanks for moping the floor for use before we came in.

At first i was angry since iarrive half hour earlier why didnt u let me in, later i found out that u are mopping the floor for us.

So sorry. I think from today iwill learn from you.

Tried the collagen moisturiser , really good, hope you can bring more next week ,i want to buy for my aunt who have sensitive skin.

Ho Luan

Anonymous said...

Used to have headaches every week. Now have reduced to once a month mild. Thanks for teaching me to drink the ge geng tea and acupressure with 3 oil method.

Have a great yeat ahead.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, previous post some one strike lottery and post 4319, i go buy same number and strike first prize this week. OH DEAR YOU REALLY zun.

thanks so much, i know as usual u will scold me but i really strike.

Hi all i am just over excited, but is not about lottery. is have faith.
Look at previous post l;ast week, 4319 and i buy and strike this week.

Wealthbowl is working man.


Jill said...

I don't have cold feet. =)
Hmm.. will buy all mixtures n try your method. Thanks a million.