Monday, March 17, 2008

Volunteer Work And Hand Reflexology

Hi all,
Good news. Those who have received the Certificate in Hand reflexology on 8 March 2008 are now qualified to perform volunteer work at United Medicare old folks home. We will arrange a date: Me, Principal and You to perform our first voluntary work. Yippee!! Put your skills into action and help more people. You will find life is more beautiful.

The next certificate in Herbal foodcure and Hand Reflexology will be on 23rd March 2008, 9 to 5pm. Register now by email me at Only limited to 15 students. Learn something meaningful in your life. For course details: you will see my pictures.... :>

Hand Reflexology promotes good health and well-being through stimulating blood circulation and dispensing blockages that impede body energy flow. Hand Reflex for elderly is extremely relaxing and effective as it improves their joint mobility.

NB: Try to be punctual for tonight workshop. See you all later on. Still have some vacancies for those who are interested. Just drop me an email by this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

I am train in Foot Reflex and I understand Hand Reflex is the same. Can I join the volunteer work if I have not attended the Hand Reflex trg?

Melrose Polo

*Bryan Gan* said...

Halo, because the school that i help and the Home, they are very careful and want qualify hand reflex therapist. I tell you what Melrose, if next home i have contacts i will inform you when they are not so stringent in policy.

Do email me

Anonymous said...

Laoshi, i am so happy that you make effort to arrange for us the volunteer work. Will definitely come and help. I will wait for your email.


Anonymous said...

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I love chemical free products. Thank you. Will support you.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with serene,
i m very happy with the results ofserum and moituriser, has been using fo a month


Anonymous said...

It will be a good experience for us if we are invited to the Home for the volunteer work as we can practice what we have learn from Hand Reflexology Class. Thank you for the arrangement.