Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crystal Color Therapy Long History

This picture was taken in 2001. I was giving private training to a group of Ang Moh and Japanese. Its a private training for Tai Tai ...omg....time flies....

Since that day, I have decided to conduct Crystal Color therapy class in public to reach out to more people.

Bryan's Crystal Color therapy was introduced in many major media.

My lovely crystals for will be ready tomorrow for those attending my crystal therapy workshop. All ready for you guys to touch and enjoy. This workshop is going to be conducted only once every two years class from now onwards....

It is very important to stay grounded. What is grounding? Grounding means to be aware of yourself, be aware that you are in the present... NOW at this moment and learn to release stress. What is AURA(EM field around body)

Crystal Color Therapy was conducted since 2001. Below is Ms Zona who attended my first public class at Toa Payoh Safra in 2007. Till now, Zona is still practising Crystal therapy for wellness. Read more www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com . Only 20 seats left. The venue has been upgraded with great view and comfortable environment at National Library Possibility room.


Anonymous said...

dear bryan,

Urgent ..

My mother has chemotherapy before, now recover. but suddenly these 2 weeks, her hair drop alot alot ..

i v scare and worry

i already tell her to see doctor

but also want to check with u got any cure anot? drink anything or apply??

pls pls pls reply me

xie xie

*Bryan Gan* said...

HI normally during chemotherapy is good to feed her with chinese herbs from chinese doctor. Because it will strengthen her body and reduce alot side effect. Urgent now u can look for this Professor doctor, he is also chairman of TCM. And he is compassionate charge very reasonable price. So can help many.

His number is 63230898 B333 kreta ayer

*Bryan Gan* said...

Oh he is Xu professor or Dr Goh.

Too early wake up blur blur .

Anonymous said...

thanks bryan ..

but my mother chemotherapy over liao for 2 yrs ..

dunno why now then the hair drop again, cos during chemotherapy, her hair drop all liao, then after that, regrow again ..last time she got tk chinese herbal also

but 2 yrs later, now suddenly drop alot ..so duno what to do

i will call professor xu, hope he not expensive

Anonymous said...


i call, consultation alone already $30 for first time ..

very expensive ..

i think after medication will be about $60

anyway, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi depression, if you said your mum has done her chem and now has sudden hair loss, it could be due 'androgenic alopecia' (sudden baldness) and this could happene to some women during their menopause stage. My mum has too and her hair sudden dropped and never regrow. I am not too sure about your mum's condition but best to bring her to see a doctor.

*Bryan Gan* said...

Oh is medication plus consultation and acupuncture is $50. Is not ok la, 3 services. May be you can try the buddhist free clinic. You only need to make donation after consulting. I think they are not bad.

Is at 44 craigh road. I am very busy now, will check for u the phone by Sunday. Take care of your mother first and make her happy. Happiness will improve immune system ok.

At the moment readers here who know any cheaper doctor and is good please tell me, iwill go check it out.

Ok need to prepare for tonight big event.

Craig road

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, go and prepare ur seminar and dont look at your email now because you have 3 seminar today and tomorrow.

Appreciate your effort in many things. Jia You

Anonymous said...

A very hardwarming blog and website.

Jia You bryan lao shi.

I love your slimming serum, it works after 2 weeks of hard work


Anonymous said...


my mother got go and see the tong zhi hospital, is free ..

but she went, the doctor MC .. .

now i worry is the cancer cells is it rebound back .. if just normal hairloss still not so bad, but if is cancer then ..

and the queue is v v v long ..

+ they r not v dedicated ..

appreciate ur help ..also ..

thanks all who reply

Anonymous said...

HI Depression, i think change ur name to Becalm, dont depress alright. Yeah sometimes free clinic i not very dedicated. I tried professor Goh for my daughter. Is $50 that include acupuncture, and 3 days medicine and consultation, all included is consider very very cheap in the market now. DOconsider.

Take care ok. And pray for her.
Lao shi thanks for your recommendation, my daughter sinus has improved.

Aunty Lim

Anonymous said...

Hi Depression,

I use to my child to Jurong East to see Chinese Dr, She charge me $29/-for tuina & medicine for 1wk. The clinic name is ShanDong. The doctor is lady from Spore. A lot mothers bring their child to see her, the clinic always packed with ppl, she see children & adult.
Telephone: 6564 6725.

Sherrie said...

Hi Depression

With recommendation from Bryan 老师 too, i brought my husband to consult Prof Koh, becos he has very bad shoulder ache. Prof Koh is a very very nice doctor, he did alot to help to relieve my husband's shoulder ache, and advise my husband not to stress his shoulder too much, esp carrying heavy weights. The chrg is $42, including 3 acupunctures. I also went to consult him 2 wks ago, due to my left heel suddenly very painful. I find the fees reasonable.

I think its worth bringing your mum there. Meanwhile make her happily relax, maybe bring her for morning walk by the beach and hope she get well soon. U also dont worry too much, take care.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

May I know how much to pay for the course on 21/6/08?

Anonymous said...

The Course on 21/6/08 is $108

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi

Todae I have tried your eye circle jucie. Not bad quite nice. I like the strong ginger taste.


Anonymous said...

I love the ginger juice, is really tasty.

Cleanser is great, i never felt my skin so smooth, seconday after using