Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ginger Oil - Dandruff and Freckles Cure too

Good morning. Today, let me introduce a new oil called Ginger oil. This oil is a very precious oil and takes kilos of Ginger root to extract just a bit of oil. High grade Ginger oil is very costly.

Since ancient times, it is recorded specifically in both Sanskrit and Chinese texts. It is also mentioned in literature from the Greeks, Romans, and Arabians.

Ginger oil is applicable for colds and flu, nausea (motion sickness, morning sickness) muscle aches (particularly the back), circulation issues and arthritic pain. It also has warming properties that help to combat loneliness, and depression. Ginger is also viewed as an aphrodisiac based on it’s energizing properties.

For chronic back pain, you can blend ginger oil with olive oil and massage the back. It is very good for people who have cold hand and feet to use it to perform footbath.

For Freckles, blemishes, dark eye rings and eye bags caused by tiredness and poor blood circulation doing a ginger oil hand bath is very beneficial. Simply add 2 drops of Ginger oil in warm water and immerse hand in it for 15mins. Remember blood circulation is the key towards beautiful skin and good health.
For dull hair and dandruff problems, serious blemishes and dull skin. Add 5 drops Ginger oil and 2 tablespoons of salt in a pail of warm water. Immerse foot in it for 20mins. You can put a golf ball in the pail and massage your leg. Very Very effective way to improve problem if you have dandruff due to weakness in body types. You can also see an improvement in your skin texture.
Do this thrice a week.

For Wind in Tummy or joint pain due to dampness.
5 drops Ginger oil and 3 drops Lavendula Vera in a 30 gram of body lotion. Massage affected part.
Ginger is a very strong oil. Do not apply too much onto skin, and some may get skin allergy with it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi, i love this ginger oil information. I was at javanese massage a year ago, they use ginger herbal oil for my full body massage. Is really good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
Pls advise is ginger oil suitable to apply on scalp to promote hair growth?

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Ginger oil if you are not sensitive, u can mix 1 drop in 10ml of rice bran oil or olive oil , than everyday 2 days use few drop to massage scalp to promote hair growth.

Unknown said...

Bryan, you are finally introducing your superb ginger oil. I am your frequent ginger oil customer because your ginger oil is very very good. I used to patronise Javanese massage a lot and doing a ginger massage was a must.Ever since 2 years ago, i bought your ginger oil and mixed with your massage oil, I do my own ginger massage at home. My husband is so hooked on it. We take turns to massage each other and our relationship improved so much. I would say this is a very good and economic way to save money.

Anonymous said...

hi, Bryan Lao Shi, its me, Shirley Yong, can I chk is there any cure for sweaty hand? My husband got it..hw??? Ginger oil can cure them??Pls advice, thks

Anonymous said...

Ginger oil is really good for damp energy in the body system. I used it for stomach massage with olive oil

For many years i do not have stomach problems.


Anonymous said...

hi bryan laoshi
Is the ginger oil massage on tummy can help the constipation?


Unknown said...

Wow bryan.I didn't know Ginger has so many benefits. I always thought ginger is only good for removing damp energy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Can I still apply the ginger oil mixture for hair growth if I have oily scalp? Drop alot of hair after give birth to my boy.

I have oily scalp but hair is quite dry. Any shampoo to recommend?