Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flu virus -- Bryan lao shi remedies

Well, I did a little calculation..the flu viral is round the corner. If you start feeling a bit sneezy and throat tickle, please perform the followings,
1) Aroma method:
1 drop Lavendula vera, 1 drop 10 spice oil, 1 drop Peppermint onto tissue and inhale.

2) Bryan Lao Shi's DIY herbal tea bag
You can get some cheap empty tea bags from Daiso shop. Its $2 for a pack of 60 empty tea bags. Buy the following herbs from a Chinese medical hall. $1 for each ingredient and you can make many herbal tea bags :)

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Peppermint leaf, 连翘,金银花,甘草. $1 for each ingradients. So for $5 you can make many tea bags :)

Take a pinch of each ingredient and put into an empty tea bag. Simply pour in boiling water and steep for 1/2 hour before drinking.
Good for: Sore throat, toothache, swollen throat, mouth ulcer, minor flu or cold symptom. If you feel cold, add a slice of ginger.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi.

Yes, it is very true that the bad weather has caused so many ppl fell sick very easily.

Bryan, thk u for yr receipe.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to wear yr beautiful activated bracelet fm Bryan Lao Shi.

I have made a lot of new friend fm Philiphine, China. They r really friendly, caring n loving toward my personal need.

My bracelet has solved my obstacle n brought a lot happiness n joy to me. I feel very peaceful, calm after wearing yr properly activated bracelet fm u.

It is my personal experience by wearing Bryan Lao Shi properly activated beautiful bracelet.

See u again on yr FS Talk on 10th Jan 2009.

Thk u, Bryan Lao Shi.

Anonymous said...

Despite your busy schedule.You show care and concern. No wonder your skin care works wonder and your crystal shine with love.

I found a job after your advice. Thanks laoshi

And may you continue to shine like a lucky star to all.

Wei lin

Anonymous said...

Agreed with wei lin. Thank you lao shi.

I love the lavender charcoal flower water. Is really goodfor my skin. And Kim's sandalwood paste for body scrub is good.


Anonymous said...

Thanks forGui ren bag, i strike ibet . not much but feel good.

Anonymous said...

I like the lavendula charcoal water very much. Rose geranium flora water is good but i think this lavendula charcoal water is even better.
I like to use it after facial steaming and also before applying the rice bran oil.

The result is obviously good!

Anonymous said...

We can use Lavendula Charcoal Water n Geranium Flora Water as our Toner.

They r totally free of chemical n preservative n very gentle to our face/skin complexion.

I love super fragrance of Lavendula charcoal water n Geranium Flora Water very much.

fm Sweety Baby