Monday, July 13, 2009


THe Pilot run of certification course in Kwa Sa, Cupping and Moxibustion is made possible with the professional support from SINGtrain Academy.

Once you have attended Bryan's workshop of Part 1 (Health and Beauty with Bryan) and East Meet West New Age Therapy Class, you can continue your professional studies with me in a school at Chinatown, where it is well equipped with all the professional equipments.

The upcoming East meet West New Age Therapy Course on 18 July is FULL HOUSE. The next available class is on 12 Sep. This course is specially designed to prepare those who are interested to go in depth for a professional course. More details will be out soon for certification course. However, do register for the one on 12 Sep to equip yourself the ancient knowledge for beauty and health.

Aim of Bryan Lao Shi OMHEALTH : To pass down ancient therapy techniques to all people in Singapore and to help one another to spread the important philosophy of PREVENTIVE HEALTH MAINTENANCE. YOU DESERVED TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTH is the motto for OMHEALTH.

Course Details:
Arrival of fresh aroma oil. Check out .
EMF professional FEngshui class left with only 20 seats. Do register now before all seats are fully taken up once again.

Hhahahaha..found this picture of me giving a talk on Bryan's Gui Ren bag. It is so effective that many shared their testimonials with me. Thanks once again.
I was right to create and design Gui Ren bag, Mala and Black Tourmaline this year, arising from my calculations. Gui Ren bag, Mala and Black tourmaline bracelet specially activated for you only from OMHEALTH :D

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Anonymous said...

Attending your course is a most thereupectic experience i have. Thank you. And your hard work has really paid off.