Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Professional Class : Have You attended

This picture illustrates the shape of unhealthy blood cells. Can you see the clear crystal with some bacteria? I am currently doing an intensive research and discovered that Kwa Sa, moxibustion and Fire cupping when done correctly, can help to improve your life. During my class, " New Age Therapy East Meet West with Bryan", I will provide a very clear explanation of formation of "Sha" and the best combination of acupressure points to help you.
It takes me 2 years to plan out this course and make sure my students learn in 3 hours. Please consider to come for this class - "New Age Therapy East Meet West with Bryan ".
For those who have attended this class, stay tune for the advance course which can help in specific illness. Personnel involved in this research: Bryan 老师, Dr EDM, Professor Koh (TCM) as advisor and Mdm Lee who is a Kinetic force healing therapist.
Details as at http://www.omhealth.com/bryanup.htm#EMW East meet West.....

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