Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tea Tree Cleanser and Antiage cleanser

To old clients:
You will understand which cleanser to use. It doesn't mean you need two cleansers at one time. Two cleansers takes longer time to finish. Does not mean you have to spend money to buy more.

To new clients:
My reason for this post is to ensure my clients are using my cleanser correctly. If you are confuse as to which cleanser to use, drop me an email at i ok =)

No matter what brand of cleanser you use, it is good to have a cleansing foam type and a milk type. Common sense. Cleansing foam are more for times when our skin is very dirty. Milk type of cleanser is needed when skin is very dehydrated but yet need cleansing.

Clients who know me long enough will know that Bryan always want you to have the best deal and the best quality. Definitely not trying to sell two items at one go. This is never my pattern =D


Anonymous said...

May I know why cannot stick to tea tree cleanser only.
Please advice

Anonymous said...

Two cleaners shld form part of a good skin care regime instead of one & advised by our Bryan Lao Shi.

Thk u for yr attention.

Have a Nice Wkday.