Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bryan's famous Hair Set

Lavendula vera , Rosemary GA and Rice Bran Oil and Comb is a History of Empress Dowager combined with Queen Elizabeth. Once a blue moon, it will be good if you can use one drop Rosemary and one drop Lavendula vera oil in a warm pail of water (not hot) or cold water, final rinse your hair and body after shower.

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Little History: 72-year-old Queen Elizabeth of Hungary used Rosemary as a medicine for her rheumatism and gout, the potion made of Rosemary and Lavender that she used, made her so beautiful and healthy that the 26-year-old King of Poland fell in love with her and requested her hand in marriage. The potion came to be known as Budapest or Hungary water and was used as a beauty aide for a very long time

Don't forget to use your oil wisely. Further usages and product listing can be found in "Hair Care" via

Extra Tips: If you feel bodyaches, apply 10 drops of Rice bran oil with 2 drops of Lavendula vera and 4 drops of Rosemary into a warm pail of water. Next, use a "Good morning" towel and rub your body and eye using this warm water. An instant uplift for from sadness, bodyaches and depressions.

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