Thursday, April 28, 2011

Using iPhone to update; I am still oversea

I will be back on Saturday and will be able to access to my emails by then......

Mum told me the Protective Day Cream has arrived. Not forgetting the Perfectionist hydrating Aqua lotion. If you have tried marine collagen and synergy cream, its now time to use Perfectionist, enjoy the Perfect Waterbased lotion for night.

Wowoww...Bryan's slimming oil received wonderful feedback in Kuala Lumpur :P

A few ladies from KL came down to Singapore to attend "East meet West" class. I get to meet up with them today in my small seminar. Thank you ladies! I am very happy to see you gals again. The Sunflower Slimming oil with Kwa sa plates works right =D

It really tone your tummy, waist line and improves diversions.

I'm too excited and can't help but to find a corner to share this news via my iphone. A spa proposed to buy over my slim oil recipes! Woww excited.

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