Thursday, January 12, 2012

No overnight Beauty

CLick above pic and see ahhahaha

Many attended my 7th Jan workshop commented my skin has further improved even I sleep 5 hours lately.... WHY?
Well, skin is the largest organ of the body. To have youthful skin. You must take care of

A) Food you eat (at least Acacia Organic honey taken empty stomach daily) and learn to release stress ( Stomach massage and 478 breathing)
B) Natural Fresh Chemical Free skincare ( slow and steady, unknowingly, ur friends and beautician will say u look youger). Never believe in overnight skin beauty products.

Many who followed my articles since 1999, has achieved a balanced skin. But those who keep complaining have pimples and acne (because u eat bad food and sleep late, than i ask u not to u say no choice that kind), shame on urself , if a person not lazy even work 24hr can squeeze time for beauty. U think result can be achieved without effort ma?

If u look at haggard now and you say no time, never complaint, there is no " no choice and no time" sentence in beauty dictionary.If u want to look beauty even on the way to work at MRT can ownself press Bryan Lao Shi beauty point especially now public transport always slow or delay, u have more time to press .

Bryan lao shi, wake up 5am daily to drink honey, do breathing exercise and start working from 7am till 1030pm.... (got nap la). Since young Bryan is not handsome or good looking, but Bryan knows that if he can keep a youthful skin, by the time all his friends aged, he will start to look better and better (very "Poison" right). I must say I succeeded.... Oooppsss. Because I use Lavender water, neroli oil massage face/neck 3 times a week. Pearl Clay resulted me to have clear skin lately and allows my skin to absorb the energy of antiage and skin vita serum

Most of the Skin Problems I see past few years are
1) Dull and blemishes (facial steaming, clay and serum best cure, hydration)
2) Dehydrated eye areas resulted dark circle (Kiwi Eye cream best)
3) Stress (stomach massage and leg massage , do it no matter how stress before sleep)
4) No SHIT. One should learn to shit alot in morning than will stay young. No shit, no young. Even shit in noon also cannot. Shit at night worst (no health problem la, just tat u look old lor") . Shit in noon, u make office toilet smelly, shit at night , u choke your family members.

Scary Facts:
Alot of people stress and stress, especially, lunch time I try to walk around Raffles city and Shenton way.... Gosh many woman skin hor.... CMI already.... I sometimes wanted to tell them: Hold BU ZU already, ur foundation also cant cover up. Even Mac personally come also cannot help u le . Must drink honey and start doing breathing exercise and stomach massage.

WHen u go office, especially those colleagues always lost temper one hor, normally is many days no shit. Just tell them do stomach massage:> And make honey with Puer for them to drink with a slice of "Gan1 Cao3".

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