Friday, January 13, 2012

Today I give a pat on my own shoulder

Newcomers who wish to know more about Bryan can check out .... Hope to see you in "Health and Beauty with Bryan Part one". This year, there will be a BIG SCALE HEALTH BEAUTY SEMINAR [SILK SCROLL OF HEALTH] and it is only conducted once every two years.

Today, I look at my collections of the Ang Bao cover given by customers since 2001. Every Ang Bao has a meaningful story behind. Some have babies because they make an effort to practise the acupressure method and Garnet stone that I taught them(Thank You. Hope your baby grow up strong, healthy and fillial to mama and papa.) The first case was from HDB in 2001, where a lady at the age of 41 years old wanted to have a baby. Using proper foodcure and my Garnet bracelet, she conceived a baby boy. I think our little boy should be 11 years old by now.........hmmm..which also means Uncle Bryan has aged by 11 years! hahahaa...How time flies...

I remembered one of the Ang Bao was from Mdm Ng. Mdm Ng likes to give me an ang bao during my annual fengshui workshop. Thank you so much.

Oh, saw the hongbao in the centre? That was from Mrs Lim who gave me an Ang Bao in 1999. She wished me,
" I wish you success and you will go far...."
Thank you Mrs Lim, my faithful facial serum customer for past 10 years.

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