Monday, April 2, 2012

Once every 2 years Big Seminar Coming in October

In 26 May 2012 :

For new comers come for my Beauty and Health fun workshop that summarised....aroma, music, acupressure, food cures and common illness in one seminar. Hope u can come for 26 May 2012 ok , details at

U will learn

1) VW music therapy breathing exercise for beauty and anti body ache.

2) Neck shoulder bone and muscle ache remedies.

3) Cold hand cold feet and flu problems.

4) Detox and Slimming effectively.

5) h202 skin beauty method.

6) Secret Ancient foodcure for skin and beauty.

7) Anti pigmentation tea and juice receipes.

8) Wonderful music physiotherapy stretch for facelift and neck pain:>.

9) Hair Lost (what to eat>)......... more and more and more...........

Once every 2 years there is a biggest health and beauty event by Bryan:>

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