Thursday, December 12, 2013

WHat I am learning

Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back. Everyone including myself, is responsible for every experience in our lives, the best, and the worst. So from today learn to speak nice to people, give out positive energy to people and talk nice (I am learning) and say thank you to people who have helped you.

Since teenage time, I find that our thought craft our future. Each of us unknowingly creates our experiences by the thought we think and the words we speak and the belief we hold. So alot of time the negative things you experience in life are accumulation of thoughts from past.

Bryan 2001 at Affirmation consultation in Sentosa

Day by day, we have collections of thoughts and this thoughts will be sent out to the UNiverse . One day the thoughts become a powerful energy creates our reality. 

Bryan's experience:
When my mom give birth to me, I was in hospital for 3 months and since young my body was not in good health.And who on earth will think that I have become a health guru? All these give thanks to my parents who motivates me since young to be strong. They dont see my problems as problems and take care of me. Even during kid time to school, I was really poor (imagine worry about meals, and rental) but my life was rich with people I met and the love from my parents.

Since young I always believe my health is infact a good one (even the day I was diagnose with bone degenerations). I live a normal life with gym, body combat etc. And all these give thanks to God. But best things are I am able to share with thousands and also national TV. Daily I receive emails from all over the world, people has recovered from health problems.

When doctor says turning 40 my movement will be a great problems... I choose not to believe and work with aroma. And I find that I can still move because I share. When a person share the energy given out are positive and bring back positive. (but dont share wrongly, I see some people anyhow cut and paste things to share in facebook without trying. Do u know sometimes a simple recipes, i will test and research. This was how I earn the title of Bryan Lao Shi from FM 972 Yong Mei).

You see. Two person living in the same world, with the same set of circumstances, can experience life so differently.  When we are willing to accept life, give thanks, forgive, change our primary belief structures, then we may experience a true change in our lives. (As if u dont know.... aiya u all know de but I just remind u all).

Whatever your parents, your love one, your enemy and your friends think of you, remember they are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

So dont take it to heart what people think of you as long as u follow the rules of love, share and wisdom.
Trained more than 20000 students

Being Positive in Life: Take Simple Steps:

Believe or not, we do choose our thoughts. We may habitually think the same thought over and over so that it doesn't seems as if we are choosing the thought. But we did make the original choice. We can refuse to think certain thoughts. How often have you refused to think a positive thought about yourself? You can also refuse to think a negative thought about yourself.

When people come to me with a problem: I dont care what it is --- poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationship, or career stagnantation ------ I always view and send positive thoughts to them (even ur email not replied, i will write blog). And when I talk to you in class I send out the thoughts of happiness energy to you.

Procedure : To Change your life:
Twice a week: Get a pen and a small booklet, write down your thoughts, negative thoughts, positive one and conclude: U must write, if you want to change your life.

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