Monday, August 8, 2016

Antiage serum and Vita Serum (2007 article)

Below article was written in 2007. Thats the first generation serum call Antiage Serum and Skin vita serum which the packaging was in simplest form.
Antiage- serum is for day and Magwhite Serum (used to call Skin Vita serum ) for evening.

Both serum now having promotion at $100 and lifespan is 1 year. So u can get few sets to keep.

To order promotion: email

name, mobile, address and perform a transfer to POSB saving 033485310 , courier fees of $3-$5 applies for distant.


Serum set $100 for blog readers 10 set

Above rose series at $160 (10 set for blog readers)

++++++++2007 Article( to preserve the memories I make no amendment++++++++++++

  I have received hundreds of feedbacks ever since I launched my serum in May. Thank you very much. Both serums yield good result for many.

I feel so encouraged and motivated whenever people tell me, "Bryan thanks my skin much more clearer now". Serum is a must when you are above 25. It really helps to slow down the aging process.
6 years ago, I used to buy serum from a spa. Usually, a small bottle will cost more than $160. For my research purposes, I also tried out XXXX brand 10ml for $200.
After trying out so many different types of serum in the market and spending so much money, I thought why not come up with my own serum which would be more affordable and fresh. Today I will talk about collagen which is the key ingredient in my serum. The serum contains marine collagen and many antioxidants that readily absorb by our skin. Read my previous post for the detailed ingredients found in my serum. My research does not stop here. I need to do constant reviews and research so that I can keep up with the changing environment and demands.

I remembered somewhere in May 07, due to my not so nice packaging, a few confronted me with words like,"who do you think you are?" I guessed they are used to the branded facial products which gave them the doubts in my products. I take it as this is a learning point for me but I still stand firm to my beliefs. A nice packaging will appeal to more people but a good product will shine out eventually. These 2 serums will be my trademark for beauty and I promised the price will remain for the next 10 years.
Many thanks to those who have supported me, including MC KING who use my serum with faith. Thank you susan, mary, jennifer and many others who willingly become my testimonials.
Using natural serum enable skin to be thicker(haha),elastic and youthful. Fine lines and wrinkles will be lighten. The face actually undergoes a visible change of youthful pattern.

Marine Collagen (one of key ingredients in serum and moisturiser)
Collagen is like a kind of superglue that holds our body together. Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body 60% of the body is made up of connective tissue and collagen represents high percentage of all connective tissue. 75% of the skin consists of collagen. From the age of approximately 25-35 years onwards, the body loses collagen at a rate of 1.5% per annum.

Bryan anti-age technique (31days)
Cleanse face properly. Apply serum (Use any brand so long it does not contains any harmful chemicals). Follow by your moisturiser. Eat one apple and one orange noon time before 3pm and after lunch. Eat 3 servings of veggie ( natural antioxidant from food).

Festive season like New Year and X'mas time is the easiest way to get wrinkles and dark eye circle.
Quick remedies to get pretty in 15mins using Pearl Powder:

Apply Skin vita serum after toning, than follow by ur favourite moisturiser and dab abit pearl powder at freckles area. (do 3 times a week before sleep)

Vita serum ($45) and antiage serum($68)

Have a great new year. New Blog:;
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Anonymous said...

ya, really really really thanks to Bryan Lao Shi.
Last time when i took photo, my face like no shine...recently, i took photo while on holidays. Hurray!!! i cld see glow on my face. I have used your serum and moisturiser for just abt a month nia!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Bryan Lao Shi!
I would like to know how can i purchase the two serum from you and also can the coconut oil used to compliment the two serum? I have used the oil and vita serum (purchased from one of your workshop) and found the results on my face is just excellent. Appreciate your kind advices. I wish you and family a prosperous and fruitful 2008!
P/S:i can be reached at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi,

I am 22yrs old this year and have even skin tone. Can i use your vita serum? Also how can i purchase it?? Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your facial serum also, please email me at:!

Ed said...

hi bryan. i just found out your website, and still going through it. very informative...

can i also ask about the vita/antiage serum? interested to get those.

good day!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am 19 this year. My skin is very oily & I have large pores and very prone to blackheads. Are your Vita Serum suitable for my skin? How much is it? Please contact me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Pls tell me where can i get the serums? Any teste or sample available?



Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Pls tell me where can i get the serums? Any tester or sample available?



Anonymous said...

re:anti aging serum
Hi bryan, iam alicia chew. had been trying out others products but is not as good as yr anti aging serum.using fr a month plus really can see some improvement n diffferences .so happy and thank you very much.will continue to support all yr infomation.