Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Herbal Tea and YOU and Qi

During the recovery of an illness or after a long period of stress, one can feel short of breath, fatigue and insomnia. If our body is a bit heaty, we cannot take tonics. If our body is too cooling, we cannot take herbal cooling tea.

SO WHAT CAN WE TAKE?? ..... Not to worry. Let me share a herbal drink recipe which I will always make and have it in my thermo flask for me to drink before and after my workshops. You can drink this tea 3 times a week. Its neither cooling nor heaty. It helps to beautify dull skin and give energy to the body.

Dang Sheng and Bao Sheng herbal tea (党参+ 泡参)

Dang Sheng 党参 comes in packet of $7, $22 or $45. I bought the middle range one. It has 3 different grades. Get the middle grade willl do. It taste so much much better then the cheaper one. As for Bao Sheng 泡参, I usually buy the $130 types for 一 两. They also come in 一两 $800..

The shop uncle told me its wild american ginseng. CEO and DIRECTORs are usually the ones to buy this type. Uncle told me the $40 is good enough. The $800 grade are also for those who have terminal illnesses.


2 long pieces of Dang Sheng 党参. Wash and cut into small pieces. 10 small pieces of of Bao Sheng 泡参. Boil for 40mins on small fire in 1 litre of water.


Anonymous said...


Everyone has "first time".. we have confident you can do it one.. Since you already on radio ..

Jia you!!
Cheers :) May

Anonymous said...

Very prone to mouth ulcer, after trying your double flower tea in cooking class, i do not have ulcer for a long time. Thank you lao shi.

Hui yi

Anonymous said...

Wow, our Bryan Lao Shi is conducting his Workshop in Mandarin very soon.

Bryan, u r a capable person n we have strongly believed in u that u can do it.

God bless, Bryan.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Bryan. You did very well on 97.2fm so I have faith in you! Jia You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Yi,

Can share the recipe and cooking method for the double flower tea ?

Anonymous said...

Bryan, after attending your cooking class, I know why I take herbal tea also no use. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Ya, cooking class is a great class to attend. My husband body system also cannot take all kinds of cooling herbal tea. Thanks for enlightening me. Now I know what works for him best. Thank you very much Bryan.

Unknown said...

Bryan, you are a good lao shi. I really appreciate you take the effort and responsibility to share with us not all herbal drink is suitable for everyone.
Besides good recipes, I also learn a lot of knowledge during the cooking class.

Anonymous said...

The cooking class is very special. This is the first time I attend a cooking class that provides me with health knowledge pertaining to our body system. I am deeply impressed by Bryan's explanation on the 5 elements.


Unknown said...

I liked the way Bryan lao shi's explain about how 5 elements is related to our health and beauty. He took much effort to explain and make sure we understand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, when will you be on radio again? I am always looking forward to hearing you on air.

Your topics on 5 elements is very interesting and simple to understand.


Sherrie said...

Bryan 老师

I believe you have no problem with yr workshop conducted in mandarin. In fact during yr English workshop, u had already add in mandarin & sometimes even dialects, which makes the class very more understanding & interesting.