Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Better Skin with Cleanser

Article ONE:

Mdm Ang sent me a picture of her son's forehead. The boy has tried numerous creams but there are still a lot of black and white heads. I advised her to get the new Tea Tree Blue Tansy Facial Cleanser for her son. Works well for him after a week :)
What you see in this picture could be caused by weather, tiredness, sleep late, stress and no proper facial cleansing.

So I ask his son to use Tea tree blue cleanser day, and night use Astiquer cleanser
follow by lavender water hydration.

It looked more like clogged pores and some bacteria infection. He is now better.

Bryan's Treatment method for acnes and badly clogged pores:

CLEANSER is important; A good cleanser enables skin to be radiant and cleansed.
You may be wondering which cleanser to use, Astiquer Antiage cleanser or Tea Tree Blue Tansy facial cleanser?

I will say have both of them :P Does that mean you are spending more? Nope because two bottles will take longer time to complete. I alternate between the two bottles but its really up to individual to experience and decide for themselves. 

You will know your skin condition, whether is it more prone to clogged pores or sometimes due to the heavy make up or environment, you just need something that can help to remove dirt, impurities and makeup without stripping off the natural moisture from the skin.

I will use the Astiquer Antiage cleanser during the day and Tea Tree Blue Tansy facial cleanser at night.

Tea Tree Blue Tansy facial cleanser is cleanse cleanse. Astiquer Antiage cleanser is cream also can cleanse.

I know of a skin doctor who always tell me a good skin should have a hydrating cleanser and a purifying cleanser. However, if you want to invest in only one cleanser first, kick off with Antiage cleanser first ya :)
Extra steps if needed.
A) Facial Steaming with Lavendula Vera once a week.
B) Followed by Pearl white clay powder mask for 15mins (once a week)
C) Apply cold Lavendula Vera flora water, dap on forehead
D) Moisturise the skin with double blue flower Aloe vera gel 

Dap Tea Tree oil onto a piece of facial cotton pad with few drops lavender water, and apply on acne spot consecutively for 3 days(but not more then 3 days). Followed by Aloe vera gel. This will help to kill the germs and hydrate skin at the same time.

Article 2  on Omhealth cleanser:

When u wake up in the morning, your skin has the many dirt
i) overnight metabolism dirt
ii) Night cream oxidised
iii) Skin own oil

So a good cleanser not only cleanse skin and hydrate and also wont injured skin.

Astiquer Cleanser is packed with natural ingredients to help you cleanse away all dirt and restore skin PH balance. A good cleanser will help you to have better skin and ready for your skin to absorb lavender water goodness and Serums.

I have 2 cleanser : Astiquer Cleanser (MUST), and Raff Cleanser (Super cleanse)

Use abit and cleanse ur face less than 20 seconds. Try Astiqueer first if u are new beginners, u will love it. 

For me day I use Astiquer cleanser, Night I use Raff . But is up to u ok.

Astiquer Cleanser and Raff cleanser: Free of parabens, silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils

Article 3 Evening Care:

Recipes for Mum's secret health soup:

- 1 red carrot

- 4 tabespoons dried ikan bilis 
- A small handfull of Japanese mushroom 
- 20 pieces soya beansprout 
-High mountain Ginger dried 4 pieces- Tou Fu 
- 8 Red Dates
-1.5 litre to 2 litre water
Cook for 20mins. The proportion is just an estimation. This soup is so easy to DIY. Most importantly, taste great, good for skin and helps to reduce stress. 
Analysis by Bryan 老师 : Tasty and simple, Rich in lysine and bioflavonoids, prevention of coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the ideal foods. Contains riboflavin. Helps skin whitening and nourishing for the skin.
Bryan 老师 3 days "Secret" procedures for Skin Recovery :
Day 1: Antiage scrub, Raffael Tea Tree Tansy Flower Cleanser, white clay and Antiage serum

  • Cleanse face with Flora Antiage scrub. Do not "scrub" more than 30 second. Rinse off
  • Mix a teaspoon of  clay powder with oragnic lavender water. Apply on whole face. Leave it on for 5 mins before washing off.
  • Apply a thick layer of anti-age serum follow by 2 drops of 4R rose oil. Go to bed.....
AIM: Detox the skin, speed up skin metabolism, antibacteria. You may experience slight outbreak as a result of detox. Antiage serum with Green tea extract in it will help to heal.
Day 2: Raffael Tea Tree Tansy Flower Cleanser, Hydrating Face and Eye mask, Lavendula Vera Charcoal flora water and Neroli oil

  • Cleanse with Raffael Tea Tree Tansy Flower cleanser
  • Apply hydrating face and eye mask onto entire face for 5 mins. Rinse off
  • Apply Lavendula Vera Charcoal flora water onto entire face, followed by 5 drops of Neroli facial oil. Massage entire face for 1 min. rinse gentle with cold water
  • Wipe off excess and apply dragonblood gel and go to sleep.
AIM: Detox of skin takes place on day 1 prepare your skin for absorbing nutrients. Empowering a combination of oil with water technology helps to rejuvenate the skin. Hydrating mask allows the skin to breathe with radiance.
Day 3: Antiage cleanser--Antiage serum --- dragonblood Gel -- COllagen moisturiser
Evening : 

  • Cleanse with Astiquer Antiage cleanser
  • Apply rose otto water or lavender water
  • Apply skin booster dragonblood gel
  • Followed by Collagen moisturiser


yq said...

hi bryan laoshi! I've the same problems too. My forehead are always clot and have tiny bumps that will not go away. :( can this cleanser helps to solve this problem?

Unknown said...

Laoshi, i hope u still have stock for tea tree oil and green clay mask. They are extremely extremely good! This method is very effective. The aloe vera gel from Kimherbshop is real good.

Anonymous said...

Hi yq, yeah this tea tree cleanser helpsmany le. Also sometimes when there is clot most probably is cleanser not wash clean also plus , sunblock applied not removed at nite probably.

yq said...

sounds great! no matter what products i use, it doesnt help in my clogs at all.i cant wait to make my first purchase on this good product! is it launch already?