Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Years Ago

On this day 9 years ago, I was with ma ma pushing a trolley to Bishan CC to give a aromatherapy workshop. Yes, I remembered it was 24 Nov 2001. Me and Ma ma waited at the CC classroom, praying to have people to come in. We had only 5 person in a big classroom. My workshop started at 7 ends at 9. I have to admit the class fees could hardly cover the taxi fare. Only 3 bottles of lavendula vera were sold. At that time, all my labels for aroma oil were self printed. People questioned is this a good oil ???

Who would have thought these 5 attendees to become my power clients till todate: Jennifer, Mrs Ong, Gerald, Lena and Min Min.
Thank you ladies.

I remembered that night after my workshop, Ma Ma and I walked to the taxi stand. I told her not to worry. She said just have faith and be determined in hakka like my grandma used to say " Tian Gong eh Boh Bi". I believed if you are sincered....hardwork will pay off. Have a good heart and be a righteous therapist. Resigned from Auditor Job in 2006.... ANd now as a full time career for 4 years ... I would say I made a Good choice....

I work very hard till today. In 2005, OMHEALTH started a series of fresh skincare and still very determined to have fresh oil no matter how hard it is... I told myself that I must be firm and not be detered by challenges ahead....

Do you know I am still using the same old trolley if I go workshop now? Hahahaaa...Yeah the above are samples of my self printed labels which I used last time.

Now, I enter a class with gratitude and will say a little prayer everytime I enter the classroom. Thank You God and may all who attend my classes find happiness.
Thank You everyone. The sunflower slimming oil with free petitgrain is to thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

congratulations n may you be blessed always with all the woderful works

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi, Gd Morning.

Congrats to u, Bryan & yr parent(Auntie Annie & Uncle Gan).

Bryan, Well Done & Keep It Up.

fm Ming Xiang

Sheila said...

Thank goodness for your never-give-up attitude!....otherwise I wouldn't have learnt and enjoyed so much of your lessons and creations!!! Cheers to you and your parents. XDDDDD

Jenn said...

Yr mum is great! She has great faith in you!

Shin Yee said...

Lao Shi,

I strongly believe that starting own business is not easy....I am in this situation too.....most importantly ownself must have faith and never give up.

Let's cheer up!!!