Monday, November 22, 2010

Directive of Lavendula vera flora water (Repeat every month)

Every few months I need to repost this blog about the purity of the certified organic flora water. Because many new comers.

Flora water is so fresh that every two weeks the flower water color varies depends on the season of flower... as it is with grape extract in it... can be from clarity or pink or orangy....

For new comers dont be surprise why this month flora water is clear next month yellow and the following month order is orange. You ah must appreciate how much effort I put in. I can actually order in bulk and safe money but nope.... I stick to freshness ah.

Lavendula vera flora water hydrate your skin as well as toning your complexion sinc 2005 has been used by hundreds till now.... The natural lavendula water is excellent skin toner, prevents skin dryness and gives fresh look of the face.


Jenn said...

It is very hydrating, keeps my outside dry, inside oily face in mint condition. Keeps outbreak at bay. Cant find any better toner than this.

Anonymous said...

Best Flora water I ever used. Thanks Lao Shi