Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am preparing for Bryan's "Welcome Fengshui 2011 Rabbit Year" talk. Need to be scientific and my calculations need to be careful too.

Oh gosh, doing calculation is fine but not typing .... Been spending the entire morning using microsoft words format one page ........

I certainly need a clerk! Hahahahaa


Anonymous said...

You need help ? I can help you with the typing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

U just typed yr Feng Shui Workshop data very slowly bec yr typing speed is much faster than me. Yr Feng Shui Workshop data is private & confidental & protected yrself fm yr Competitor.

Bryan, plse take gd care of yr health.

fm Ming Xiang

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I am looking forward & excited to attend yr 3rd year Feng Shui Workshop on 8th Jan 2011. I love to attend yr Feng Shui Workshop with Liondance. I love it very much.

I know that u r very hardworking & careful calculations for yr preparation of Feng Shui Powerpoint slides & theory notes with Demonstration & Clear Explaination on 8/1/11 & 15/1/11.

See u again on 8th Jan 2011.

Have a Nice Wkday.

Bryan Lao Shi, Well Done & Keep It Up.