Monday, December 6, 2010

Morning All

Morning all! For this entire week, I will be doing an overseas project .

Omhealth is a one man show. My volunteer, Jenny will be overseas soon. It will take sometimes to reply all emails(both enquiries and orders). I won't be able to post out your orders this week but I will do my best to post out on next monday, 13 Dec 2010.

Many apologies. Give me 5 more years....I will have a helper assigned for different task....pack, check email, trace payment and orders...hahahhaa. Currently, ma ma and pa pa are helping me but I told them to take a good rest because they worked very hard and did not rest for a year....

I would say its a sincere family business with great products and have helped many people who have chronic illnesses or minor irritating illnesses since 2001. I would like to thank everyone once again for all the support and understanding. Its really heart warming to receive countless feedback on your health progress.

Remember Happiness and Health is your choice. You deserved to be healthy and happy. Any form of illnesses no matter how serious it is, its a sign that your body is responding to the virus, so be strong and fight on.

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