Thursday, December 9, 2010

SOya Brand

Hi I bought this from above from Carrefour and quickly took a picture this morning. Go and check it out :)
Whahahahha so many people sms me for the past 2 days, asking me where to buy this...too many smses...I may have missed out your sms for orders of sorry about that...
To all new comers: You can definitely benefit from the "East Meet West Kwa Sa" class, which includes fire cupping, moxibustion.. It will be conducted in English on 19 Feb 2011. I have contacted Singapore training academy, once if you have attended this class, you can have a chance to further study a certification in Kwa Sa. This is also conducted by me, and officially approved. I believe this is a good news to all previous students of my kwa sa classes.
I have not conducted "Health and Beauty with Bryan Part ONE" for new comers for a year... stay tune ok. I will conduct only once next year....Tentatively will be next year June. Its a one time class conducted annually.


Anonymous said...

this soya brand is going to fly off the shelf.....carrefour pls replenish stocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,

Bryan Lao Shi has posted his comment that you can buy the Bean Curb with Spicy Bean Sauce at the Carrefour.


Anonymous said...

If you are interested to order items from our Bryan Lao Shi, please kindly send an Email to instead of SMS.

Thank you for your attention & co-operation.