Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Report 2010

Its coming to an end of 2010. I always like to reflect on what I have done and achieved for the year.

OMHEALTH. FOunded by Mr. Gan in 1998.
2010 (Year End Report)

1) Selected as most welcomed speaker and presented for a group of very successful in March at Media Corp to share on healthcare.
2) Accepted as one of the disciple by a Professor Koh who imparted secret skills in Kwa Sa and Moxibustion.
3) 37 successful cases in improvement of chronic back pain.
4) 7 cases of depression cases has been resolved.
5) 21 cases of eczema and hives problems resolved.
6) Effective workshops with full house attendance. Trained more than 1000 students in 2010.
7) Invited to KL and Bintan for a talk on anti-age method to a group of alternative therapy leaders.
8) Written 500 articles for health magazine.
9) Skincare products has reached to USA, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan and China. (WOW)
10) 78 testimonials on skin improvements and praised by beauticians and friends....
i) Prana Qi Gong Touch Therapy
ii) Meditation Music Therapyiii) Art and Color Therapy
iv) East Meet West Color Therapy

Main Problems for reflection

1) Too direct in my words and may provoked new customers.

2) No marketing manager to promote Omhealth to companies. Some office HR do not know me and tends to be rude. Their attitude seems to change 360 degree after I conducted my workshop in their companies.

3) Improve my attire whenever I have to go for corporate talk(people tends to see what you wear and judge).

4) Control my scolding to people when they don't listen to my advice but keep complaining about their conditions. I must tell them nicely.

5) Work 7 days a week and neglect friends.

6) Website overwhelmed by information and may confuse new readers.

7) Rude in sms and msn because my reply is always short and sharp, which can be understood by people.

8) Like to call people in the morning to clarify things that I feel its not true and make my stand.

9) One man show, do not know how to dedicate work.

10) Being too "nice". Some unknown new comers bought products and disappear without paying.

11) To have a online class registeration and make payment before class, so that I do not need to spend days checking who will/will not be attending.

12) Reject companies who are insincered to invite me for their corporate talks. There are times when I reached the companies, things wasn't set up...organiser did not prepare things that I have requested and reminded. I waited 1/2 an hour for the organiser running around "forcing" people to attend their corporate talks. I would like to request all in-charge of company talks to be prepared and get ready with the set up. It reflects on the company's image, isn't it?

13) Last but not least, I want to apologise to those whom I have " scolded" and ask for forgiveness in my way of explaining things. Hope you do not take it to heart.

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Anonymous said...

Lao Shi, "one man show" solve it by employing more people to help you. Maybe can give them proper knowledge/training of your products so that there is someone who can share your burden. Then student dont need to only call/sms/ask you on any product/item that you have. There is always limitation a person can do. Keep up the good work and jia you!