Friday, January 14, 2011

Bryan's Power

This is a rejuvenation soup which I am going to cook now.

Group A Ingredients :
3 tomatoes, 1 potato, 1 carrot, 5 fresh mushrooms, 1 Chinese YAM (small portion. They do sell 5 cm only. You can request the seller to cut. No need to buy the entire piece)

Group B Ingredients :
Half a cup of Ikan billis, 5 dried scallops, 8 dried oysters, 8 pieces Yu Zhu, 8 red dates, and chemical free mushroom essence (optional)

Group A Ingredients : Wash and cut. Remember to remove skin for Chinese Yam.

Group B Ingredients : Wash and put into a pot of water. Boil for 20 mins. Thereafter, add in Group A Ingredients and boil for 5 mins, followed by small fire for 30 mins. Add some fish sauce to taste.

Properties of Bryan Rejuvenation Soup.
A) Antiage skin food.
B) Nourish kidney , good for improving energy
C) Nourish Lungs and heal the throat
D) Strengthen bones and eyes.
E) Reduce inner fire during exams and stress period
F) Husband always lost temper?? Let him drink this

Personal Perference:

I add some tong fen. You can add chilli fish balls too. Not forgetting some cut chillies :p


1) "Bryan, how big is the pot....? "
How should I answer this question. Enough water to cover all ingredients.... Cook Group B Ingredients first to make your soup tasty. You can use my this pot as a guideline. I usually add water till half pot or slightly more.

2) "Lao shi metal pot no good right?"
You can buy better metal pot..My grandma is still healthy after using normal pots for her entire life..... Sometimes some pot sellers may exaggerate things.

3) "I have been drinking soup for 2 weeks but why my skin is still the same?"
Drinking soup brings about long term benefit. I drink soup constantly. You should start to cultivate this habit.

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