Monday, January 17, 2011

Every moment is a blessing.

I have completed 3 Major Fengshui workshops and equipped all with the power to handle 2011. I thought I can take a rest for now. Hhahhaha...hopefully. I will be performing audit for a Data Capturing Company this month to upgrade their ISO standard to ISO 9001:2008. Time flies.. used to work in office 9am to 6pm. It was a major decision to resign a full time job and choose to be a Health and Fengshui Presenter.

2009:Beauty Black Book Magazine Once interviewed me:

Q: Bryan what is the secret behind your success health and fengshui?
A: I didn't think I am successful a not. I am still the same Bryan when you see me at home or on stage. I am a person who never give up easily especially during the most difficult period because I always believe that everything happens for a reason. All health and luck related issue will be and can be resolved if we have faith. Everyone wants happiness but think about the happiness of others first before coming to yourself.
Q: How do you handle office politics?
A: During the first 3 years when I was young, I was very impulsive when it comes to this. I like to fight for justice and rectify what is not right by scolding people and bang tables. Subsequently, I realised that is not cool..hahahaa..
I learnt that all things has a reason. If people bully you, just ignore. If they go overboard, talk to them nicely. If they continue to backstab and bully you...well, I believe Human do Heaven watch. I pray they will wake up faster because I believe what goes around, comes around. I won't be any happier if anything bad happen to them.
(Last time I have a very bad heart...sob sob....When I am at the verge of my anger, I will say " 你太坏心肠,最好老快一点,害人一次老三年,皱纹天天深, 黑斑黑到......")
You see Bryan is still a human being...I will also curse and swear when I was young ..... no no no...I won't do that anymore.....cursing others is no good for myself and others...cursing makes a person age faster too! Hahahaa
I handle office politics with prayers and for strength. It works and normally take 3 months. Through office politics and obstacles, we become a stronger person if you handle it with compassion.
My advice to the youngsters, dread no obstacles. Welcome them, tackle them and overcome them. Its good to have obstacles in early part of your life.... Remember do not give up....
Before you can do that, you need a long time to cultivate loving kindness in yourself and your family members. Only that you have the POWER to love others. Its only after understanding the meaning of life, you will excel in all you do. People resist to change because they are comfortable with their current situation and complain about the changes. Bryan welcome changes. From IEEE Electrical Engineer, that refused to work in factory, went for interview and asked to be QA (you see being a QA is under director and no need to be under anyone ahahhaa....宫心计。).

From QA and worked for 10 years to be Head of Department and give up to do what I am doing now......I treasured every moment in my life.

Bryan's QAM Special Record:
2001: First in Singapore to ISO certified a multimedia company to be ISO 9000:2001 in 6 months
2001: In six month, one person successfully assist 3 companies to be ISO certified.

I was in 30s then..... .

I wanna say a Big thank you to all who have supported me since the day I started OMHEALTH. I apologise to you if I did not manage to reply your messages, or answer you too directly during workshops. Everything is really a one man show. At times, I may overlook your questions. Hope you do not take it to heart. Bryan really don't mean it.
I am also a customer. I can understand if your needs is not taken care properly, you can just go to other places. Really grateful to all of you for being so patient with me and accompany me till now.... No wonder your skin glows..... hhehehhehee

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