Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily routine

Its my daily routine for me to take a teaspoon of certified Acacia Honey every morning and linden honey at night followed by warm water, to hydrate my lungs and skin. It works well for me.
I went Guardian Pharmacy at Plaza Singapura, Toa Payoh and Parkway parade to buy. Making sure is Certified Organic. I think there's promotion for 3 bottles.

Latest research I did on an ancient book and saw the Tibetan word of Acacia.... Acacia from Ang Mo or Tibet? I need to find out more. These two honey is good.
One bottle of Manuka can buy two bottles of these....So it helps to save money too!
Do not be programmed by commercial world just because manuka mass production. Be smart and spend smart.
One study even tested acacia honey specifically and found that it aided healing significantly. This type of honey helped shrink the wound and increase the cells that work to repair the wounded skin. Another study even involved using honey to help cancer patients recover faster after surgery.

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