Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mouth Ulcer is very irritating

[Left of this picture is a packet of special herbs for beauty. I will show you during this saturday class. Blog readers who have not try out any of my recipes before can read up and try my other recipes first]

Have you ever wonder why sometimes you bite your mouth, mouth ulcer may or may not developed?
Why mouth ulcer sometimes will expand and sometimes remain the same size.?
Mouth ulcer takes about 11 days to recover but sometimes more... How can you reduce or prevent mouth ucer from becoming big?

For people who experience frequent mouth ulcer...take short term B complex with C, and avoid eating nuts for a period of time.

Bryan's Tea remedies:
For those with mouth ulcer, make this Ginseng root tea (is called Yang Shen Xu). Not American Gingseng. There's $3 and $5 a packet. Buy the most expensive one, cheap one not very good. Most expensive only $5 (estimate a handful, can boil 3 times)

Once a week, I will add Gingseng root (Yang Shen Xu) in a steel container and boil with water for 10mins. Drink slowly when cool.

1) Work late and sore throat
2) Mouth Ulcers
3) High natural antioxidant and also purify blood cells..
4) Not too cooling at all when drink once a week.
5) Headaches and tiredness.

After drinking, apply 3 oil with cream onto legs and neck shoulder immediately. Feel the effects....

FAQ gathered :

1) "Lao Shi, metal container no good....?"

Hmm...I use metal container during my army days everyday. If you are very concerned with this, you can use perhaps corning ware?

2) "How much water?"

Its up to u.

3) "Drink morning or night?"

Before 4pm

4) "Can buy for me?"

Hmmm....no no nooo

5) "Must I wash the Ginseng root?"

What do you think?

6) "How much is 200ml?"

Use a measuring container if you are not sure.

7) "There's many types of Ginseng got many types, which type?"

Though I have already mentioned ??

8) "Can translate to Mandarin as my mom does not understand English?"

Help me to translate to your mom okie =) Its quite impossible for me to translate all my works. Sorry about that.

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