Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Lady hmmm --- Looks good. Model for omhealth skincare

This lady is not a Tai Tai and never like to spend on expensive commercial skincare products. She used Hazeline 40 years ago which is considered a luxury... For the first time in her life, she put on proper make up.

In the past, she might use tofu for mask. Now she uses Bryan's rice bran oil and masks. This lady seldom go for facial but DIY facial steaming. She always tell me aging is part of life. Since she is 62 years old now,a healthy mind and body is her priority.

She loves to use Frankincense and Rose Geranium for facial steaming, enjoy using the oil with water for a final rinse after shower, and also mix the oil with rice oil for neck shoulder massage to boost immune system, which they say may prevent female sicknesses.....

Breathing exercise is part of her daily routine, which is only an effort of 3 mins. She drinks Pu'er tea and taking a teaspoon of honey every morning. Her son is always there to "Niam" her. Hahahaa..

This gorgeous lady disagrees to use expensive pills or collagen drinks and will just take natural food. Like her son, she does not really believe in organic food and she always says," If a person is healthy, a bowl of white rice can benefit the body. Your grandma eats anything, worked in hawker centre selling hakka food, and still climbing up and down the stairs at the age of 70 years old". .

Her mother taught her many tips on cooking and health care indirectly.... which is passed down to Bryan.

You will not find any organic food at her house because she said many poor people can't afford organic food but these people could be happier and food is just overrated.... .

She often write for i-weekly and make sure her recipes are not only nice, healthy but also affordable by many people.

She is now using Bryan's skin care. Her love is Amodora shower Gelnow. She loves them all and finds that the serum range are her favourites since many serum in the market easily cost about $200 a bottle. She always remind her son,"Bryan, no matter how much the freight cost has increased, the skincare price must maintain...." Yes. Her son, Bryan totally agreed.

Her son ...... is almost 40 years old now. An absolute supporter towards skin care which is chemical free and fresh. You will know whether a product or food is fresh when you use it. Her son is gathering information for 19 March - "Ah ma and magnet therapy for health". Looking forward to it right =P

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