Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr Phua -- New Spokesman for Omhealth Skin Care

Dr Phua has switched all his skincare to omHEALTH. Latest Skin Facial MIST brings further highlights. Have u order ur POWERFUL HYDRATING ANTIOXIDANT MIST;

All the photoshoot was done with zero makeup and no touch up. All who attended Power Talk
ONE , saw his glowy skin. Dr Phua was titled as BEST SKIN in the Hospital and many nurses get to know omhealth now.
His Words
"Just a few years ago, I was still troubled by frequent breakouts and oily skin. Living in Singapore and working in an air-conditioned environment worsened my combination skin as my skin became dry indoors and super oily during outdoors.

I chanced upon a hydrating water based spray which kept my skin moisturized whole day as and when I needed it as I just needed to spray it onto my face whenever my face felt parched or when I feel it's turning oily...

It was only then that i realized that the most important factor in preventing premature aging and breakouts was to constantly keep my face moisturized and constantly replenishing the natural barrier of my skin...I'm 31 this year and many people ask me what's the secret to my skin...
My reply is I've no secrets except to constantly keep my face moisturized...The hydrating spray that I've been using from XXX brand was good, except it contained paraben and other chemicals that, in the long run, would be harmful to our skin especially when we live in a world with so much articficial preservatives in many products already.

I was looking for another alternative and egged Bryan lao Shi to come up with a cheaper and preservative free hydrating mist which I can safely and effectively use...

Bryan lao Shi took my words seriously and came up with a prototype hydrating mist spray and I promptly requested him to let me try it or two months before launching it...
I must say that his propriety blend of hydrating mist with natural floral and ginseng extracts is as good, if not better, than the usual hydrating mist spray that I've been using, and at half the price plus loads of anti-oxidants!
Not only preservative and paraben free, bryan's hydrating mist delivers a mighty boost of anti-oxidants to the face in atomic mist with each spray that leaves my skin smooth and hydrated...

It's unique atomic mist is also great in delivering the spray in such a fine mist that's easily absorbed by the skin...It's unique floral smell also serves well to relax me especially during driving long distances and in dry air-conditioned workplace, as well as making the whole 'micro-environment' smell great!

It's been two months that I've been using Bryan's hydrating flora spray and my it's definitely something I can leave home without everyday, and now, I can say with much confidence to anyone who asks me what's part of my skin care regime that Bryan lao shi's hydrating mist is a MUST!!!

Official Spokesman of Hydrating MIST : Dr Phua
Mist at $50 for 150ml, takes two months to finish, put one in office and spray when needed.

Currently user of: Antiage serum, tea tree cleanser, Lavender water and neroli oil

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