Monday, March 14, 2011

Tired eyes-- Bryan's Hair Brush method.

As shown in this picture, the round dot P8 is a point good for eyes, mental calmness and irregular heart beat problems. It is located in the center of the palm. This point can also be used also for mouth or tongue ulcers, cold sores from Heart or Stomach Fire, cools Ying and Blood stage heat, fevers with damage to the yin. Work fast when combined with Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus.
---- Bryan Founder of Aroma Acuppressure with Comb

When your eyes feel tired and vision gets worse after using the computer for too long, you know its the time to do a simple acupressure and exes aromatherapy acupressure exercise.

Items needed:

1) Lavendula vera, Eucalyptus radiata, and a round comb .
For new comers who do not have these oil can use Axe oil. I am not trying to sell oil to you through this method. One will realised its benefits after trying out. It has helped many children and adults. I use aroma oil because in the long term, aroma oil has healing properties, good for health and negative ions created by aroma oil can fight dark eye circles and eye bags.....

A) A drop of Lavendula vera oil and a drop of Eucalyptus oil onto a piece of tissue. Inhale 3 times. Next, rub tissues with both hands. Both palms will have the nice aroma.

B) Rub both palms for 30 seconds till warm. Cover both eyes and do a deep breathing and a normal breathing. Leave it on for 30 seconds.

C) Grab the round plastic type comb. Grab a bit hard and release (repeatedly for 30 times) wit both your eyes closed.

(I got my combs from Raffles place MRT. Come out and turn left, those female accessories shops. Cheap Cheap.)

Inhaling Lavendula Vera oil and Eucalyptus Radiata oil opens up the channel which blocked the qi at the head chakras. Warmth of both hands will clear dark eye circles.

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