Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facial Antioxidant Mist Report Card: Glow like nobody business

Bryan's Antioxidant Facial mist

(for office)

Spray at a distant away from your face. Not too near (as illustrated in the picture). Sensitive skin take note ok. Bryan's facial mist has been launched for 4 months and received extremely good feedback. I love it as much as you adore it :D

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Facial Mist Ginseng and Ginseng eye cream received tremendous feedback.
Dr Phua, spokesperson for facial Mist has personally used it for 5 months, enjoying further skin glow.

Bryan's facial mist has been launched for a month. Many people told me the mist has allowed their skin to look refined and clear. Bear in mind, it is an antioxidant mist that fight against free radicals. It may have slight "biting" feeling for some people. Which is why I want people who have very sensitive skin to take note as you may not enjoy this mist. Not to worry, you can still use Lavendula Vera flora water.

Mature Skin - Blemish & large pores, Sun spots, Pollution.

Mist your face and neck with this powerful mist refresh your spirit and rejuvenates your skin on a deep cellular level. The effect is more profound with mature or aging skin. It is also good for very sensitive skin and gives a natural glow.

A spray before meeting allow you to "Stand Out" and your glow will allow you to complete your work fast in Office..... I requested Dr Phua to spray the mist onto his face before TV... everyone was amazed by his SKin's GLOW.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi, i got sensitive skin for more than ten years, after useing your skin care products, my skin have improved and radiant, i strongly recommend this mist and all your products, it works perfectly for my skin, i Love it.

Warmest Regards
Sock cheng

misszeng said...

is okay to use this if i pimples?