Monday, April 4, 2016

Herb Tea -- Must take care of your health.

This weather is extreme, so hydrating your body is important. Especially if your home has elderly, they dont know they are thirsty and forget drink water.

If u dont have enough water in ur body

1) Body aches even u do alot massage
2) Insomnia, because day time dehydrated
3) Skin look dull
4) Fatigue all the time:.

So remember to drink up.

Simple Tea below (Hydration and remove dampness)

This tea also good for dull skin and puffy eyes.

Anyway have u start using the eye care series.
Many profession has tried and they love it.

Look in the mirror, is there alot of fake lines and dryness around the eyes.

Well get the eye series:

1) HA eye serum use day and night (this one surprise many how powerful it is)
2) Day time use Dragonblood Eye Gel
3) Night u can continue this eye gel , for more matured skin u can use Ginseng Eye cream)

There is a mask for face and eye in shopping cart call, Hydrating face and eye mask.

HydrATING AND  remove Dampness Tea

This tea is good la, u can see is more like foodcure ok. Detox, water retention, fibre, Encourage urination, good for kidney and the heart. Skin whitening and radiant skin. For me I will make this tea once to twice a week. Anyway dont eat the ingredients, just drink the water ok.

It happens in this hot weather with rain at times, where a lot of bad Qi and dampness trapped in the body.

  • Roasted Barley (熟薏仁)two CTS.

  • 赤小豆 (special red beans) 2 CTS

  • Figs x 4

  • 茯苓 1 piece.

(CTS: Chinese Table Spoon). Put all ingredients in 800ml. Boil with water for 30mins. Drink when cool.Above cost about $1 and 3 person can drink.

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