Saturday, June 25, 2011

Expensive Pills? Collagen Drink? Pure Chicken Soup Best.

A lot of people study hard and work hard during younger days. When they reached 40 and 50 years old, they start to worry about health, tried many kinds of supplements and expensive pills for health and antioxidants.... One advertisement after another, claiming how one will look more radiant and energetic after taking their supplements. Does it really work? I see many ladies spent loads of money on one tube or tub of eye cream....the eye cream company become richer but how about the results on the consumers?

Emotional Health is NUMBER ONE followed by PHYSICAL HEALTH. Do you notice when people are in love, they seem to be able to sleep better, all pains seem insignificant.... etc.

Actually, you do not depend on anyone for LOVE. You should learn to LOVE yourself first. Spend 3 mins a day by listening to a nice music with your eyes closed and relax. Focus on counting your breathing...count down from 100 to 1.

Ahem Ahem....please please do not sms me to say this is religious...oh dear...this is only a breathing exercise. All living things have to breathe, don't we? This is just to focus and take note of your breathing patterns...End the session by saying three times, " I am well and peace."

Do you feel amazed that many healthcare products are from the States but people over there take Chinese GOJI seeds. While we, Asian spent money on PILLS. Hmmm....why??

2011 June 25th - MSN from a client in New York: (Jane looks young at 40 , so I asked her, what is her diet?)

Extracted from msn:
"Honestly, i don't take any supplements but i have soy milk about everyday and i eat yogurt and wheat cereals often. Those are the only things i do regularly... but i am not sure if they make me the way I am....... and i don't take sugary drinks often."

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