Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bryan's Chemical Free Shower Gel and Shampoo News

Enough of too much chemical in your life. Kick off for a start to use chemical free Shampoo and Shower Gel on the weekends.

Bryan's Shampoo
1) Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo ($45)
2) Dark Hair, Hair Growth Shampoo ($45)
3) Hair tonic Conditioner ($45)

Break your Foam Addiction! Chemicals that produced heavy foam tends to strip hair of its natural oils. Our chemical free shampoo takes a gentler approach, harnessing the cleansing properties of botanicals to remove dirt & build up without disturbing your scalp's natural balance.

What's In It?
Herbs and Aroma flowers have been used for centuries to remove dirt and grime, prevent scalp and skin disorders such as dandruff, excema, psoriasis.

Bryan's Amodora Shower Gel
These juicy, decadently rich foaming shower gels will leave you gleaming clean as they infuse moisture and help to soften the skin. Free of harsh detergents that may irritate, strip or rob your skin of moisture. Genuinely pure, these 100% Pure Shower Gels contain no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no chemical preservatives and no other toxins.

Blends the most natural botanical ingredients with therapeutic-grade essential oils to relax tired, fatigued muscles and help dampen stress and tension.

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