Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long Way From 1998: Today is Memory Lane Day

An old friend of mine passed me an old CD today. It contained all my seminars since 1998. I was so surprised to receive this CD. When I was younger, I took leave from work to do Bazzar Lunch Office sales. I hardly have the chance to hang out with friends on weekends. I guessed its the passion in me for natural therapy. I never go for clubbing during my younger days. There is only research and work in my head. That's how I spent my youth....hahaha

But its worth it. I have never regret.

Educating people about good quality aorma oil is really challenging in the early days. When I first started at the bazzar office sale, I only manage to sell 5 bottles of my aroma oil...That is considered pretty rewarding for me because sometimes I only get to sell 2 bottles for the entire day after talking to many people and repeating the same thing. However, "Give up" is never in Bryan's dictionary. People who just know me may not realised the journey I came through...a lot of hardwork and effort is required.

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