Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stay tune for tomorrow's article.

Stay tune for tomorrow's article on POWER OF YANG SHENG XU. .... I will also include a recipe for mouth ulcer.....Kinda disappointed because I told the medical hall that I wanted the OLD yang sheng xu. However, she gave me the low grade types but charged the price of the expensive types. Its my oversight, I should have checked.
(For me, I may develop hives if I drink the cheaper grade Yang Sheng Xu.)

Common Problems:

1) Medical Hall may tell you, might as well buy Pao Sheng if you are buying Yang Sheng XU (Halo... its different!!)

2) Medical Hall may sell cheap Yang Sheng Xu as the expensive type.

3) Branded Medical Hall do not sell because they focus on selling EXPENSIVE ginseng.
4) Some even use papaya roots and sell as Yang Shen Xu.

** Get educated with Bryan about Yang Sheng Xu tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan, you have very good skin after watching you on Ch U just now.. I'm so envious.