Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bryan's Neroli , Fresh Power Good

From the left of this picture, is Bryan's Neroli facial Oil. Fresh and good texture good, with shelf life of 6 months $45 per bottle. Its a special blend of secret mixture with advice from CLARE from New Zealand (Bryan's 师母). According to the principle of, NUT< FLOWER< LEAF formations. Every 6 months, one of the ingredients must be modified according to the season but the 主角still must be Neroli Flowers.

The other bottle beside is from France. It is Neroli facial Serum Oil, with 3 years shelf life. $120 15ML... Hmmm....many felt more for Ang Mo Skin. . but I prefer........ ... ..... .

I totally agreed this bottle is so so cool, as compared to mine :( Nice packaging always attracts and appeals especially at the first impression.

Alright, give me some time and I will improve on the bottle soon..... ehehehe.... But my teacher told me must use dark amber bottles....... have to crack my brain real hard this week.

Bryan's Neroli Facial Oil: Queen of Queen.... more than Neroli and fresh grade just for you. Customers who have used it will know that it transformed your face and hair texture.

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