Monday, July 4, 2011

Hehehe wait

Omhealth is one person replying emails, sms, phone calls, packing, conducting seminars and writing blog. Some of my customers said Bryan is a Superman...hahahahaaa...I am not...I need rest too. I will try my best to complete my work as soon as I can but I need time .....

Hope you can take note I will not be able to reply emails immediately. I will do my very best to reply within 3 working days. Do pardon me for highlighting this but I guessed I have to because I received some emails recently....

Case A:
" Can u reply asap?"
" Why u dont reply sms?"

"I email u morning, now is evening, can't u reply on my health issues?"

(From same person)

Case B:
" I dont like to read blog material on sinus problems, can you call me to explain clearly steps?

Case C:
" I dont like courier or postage, can you set a time and meet me near my house MRT?"

As usual, I will call to address the issues because I want to clarify things...

Wef July 2011, Saturday shall be my official off day and Sunday soon. I will not check my mailbox on weekends but spend more time with my parents and going temple.

regards Wah Teck Gan


Anonymous said...

Hi Laoshi

Yes, spend quality time with your
parents, nowadays, many people
work 5 day week. So, it is official. Guys, please be more
understanding. Best Regards

Anonymous said...

U deserved the off days laoshi!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you put it!!
Way to go....

You're the boss!!

Anonymous said...

Please have your rest days. U deserve it since u have been taking so good care of us. Do not be too bothered about ppl who are not understanding.